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Identity Theft - How to Keep Your Identity

Identity theft happens to nearly 10 millions Americans each year, and the numbers are on a dramatic increase. This could be partially due to a rise in on line activities such as shopping, paying bills and social member sites. Luckily, there are ways that you can prevent identity theft and protect your credit. Let us discuss the 5 major ways that you can protect yourself.

The dangers of your debit card.

It may seem odd to say your debit card can place you at risk for having your identity taken. They actually carry a higher liability than a credit card. You have more personal liability when it comes to fraud. You only have up to 60 days to report your card missing or stolen. After that time period you may end up losing all the money in your bank account and also be held accountable for any money taken from your lines of credit.

Shred the checkbook.

That one piece of paper is a lifeline to you. It contains vital information such as your name, address, bank account number and signature. Is that really something you want in the hands of a complete stranger? So how do you avoid paying by check, look into automating your bill payment. The worst part about checks, is that there is no federal legislation to limit your liability on forged checks.

Secure your mail.

Your mailbox is full of a complete while information. You receive everything including bank statements bills, and even those annoying pre-approved credit card offers. The biggest risk of the pre-approved credit card offers is it is easy to apply for a new credit card in your name using the pre-filled information on the application. The only way you would ever find out is if you kept up to date on your Credit Report. Otherwise, you have no idea that someone had stolen your identity. Only to avoid this is have your mailbox under lock and key. Another solution is to rent a mailbox from your local post office. Another good word of advice is to ensure to shred your documents before discarding them. You can pick up a simple shredder, at most office supply stores. The cost will quickly be paid for in the peace of mind, you find.

Take advantage of technology.

When shopping on line you can purchase a virtual card number. These are randomly generated credit card numbers that are disposable. You use it once and throw it away. It is linked directly to your real credit card accounts purchases will show up on your monthly bill. The service is free to use and will assist you in preventing identity theft.

Create an identity kit.

Do you know who to contact a credit card company and emergency? By creating an emergency kit that contains your account information expiration dates issuing company names and contact numbers for each card. You can make it easier on yourself in the case something does happen to your cards. Another important aspect would be to copy all your major pieces of identification. This includes your drivers license Social Security number breast pocket and passport. Make sure you store them in a lock box a file cabinet or better yet a safety deposit box. This gives you protection in the event of a natural disasters as well.

Identity theft is on the rise. All these things may seem extreme until it happens to you. Only you are capable of protecting yourself. Do your best to prevent becoming a victim of identity theft.

Do not become another statistic. Learn how to prevent identity theft and protect yourself with an identity theft protection service like LifeLock before you become one of the millions of victims this year.

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LifeLock does not wait for identity theft to happen; the service prevents it from happening in the first place. Once you have enrolled in the LifeLock service, they automatically start monitoring your personal information for threats to your identity. If an attempt is made to exploit your identity, LifeLock immediately contacts you to correct the situation before anything happens to your reputation and identity. LifeLock also scours the known malicious sites on the Internet for your personal information to see if it is being used for fraudulent activity and alerts you of any bad intentions.  Find Discounts and See our review of the LifeLock Service.

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