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Use your FICO Score to Deter Identity Theft

Identity theft can happen to anyone. You can never be prepared for it to happen, but you take precautions so when it does happen, you know what to do and you can do it quicker. Identity theft can happen in many ways; from thieves digging in your home garbage out front of your house to a special device storing your credit card information when you process an online order. When the thieves get it, they can do many things with it; from opening a new credit card and using it to getting a job using your Social Security Number. Every minute counts when you have had your identity stolen, so by using myfico.com to monitor your Fico Score and manage all aspects of your credit report, you can catch it, sometimes, as quick as possible. Your Fico Score is very valuable because it is what loan offices and even the 3 major credit bureaus use to judge your worthiness of credit. Now, myfico.com itself is not an identity theft detector, but they can greatly help you help yourself monitor your Fico Score and they also have a program called IDFreeze that is and identity theft protector.

Identity Theft is a Fast Growing  Crime

Identity Theft grows with technology. It gets easier by the day for these cyber thieves and even garbage digging thieves to steal your account numbers and personal information. They use a variety of ways that are some easy, some deceiving and sometimes even the old-fashioned way; by stealing your wallet. Phishing is a way that when you are online, they act as a financial institution or company and send span or pop-up ads that ask you to reveal your personal information such as SSN or credit card accounts. They can even get a simple change of address form and divert your mail to another location and within days, have all the information they need. After the thieves have the information, they can do a number of things and all very quickly. They can open accounts from credit cards to car loans. Then, use the accounts, and by you not getting your bills diverted, you would not know the difference for months unless you seen that there are new delinquent accounts on your Fico Report. Fact of the matter is, for something so simple to do, it can make major damage to your financial life and cause a lot of time and money to fix it. You can use a Proactive approach the protecting your identity by using a service like LifeLock.

How can FICO Help?

Simple monitoring of your Fico Score and Report can very much help you help identity theft if it happens. If you get into a habit of checking your myfico.com account, you could possibly catch the theft right when it happens by seeing a new loan or account opened that you have not opened. You might even catch it before it hurts you by seeing a loan office check your Fico Score and Report before they even open the loan. The fact that myfico.com makes it so easier to monitor all aspects of your Fico Report; it makes it easy to catch it. In addition, the educational videos and articles when it comes to identity theft can help you tremendously. They can teach you a variety of things; such as helping you understand what your FICO Score and identity theft are, what to look for when simply monitoring your report, and in detail, what to do if and when it happens.

In addition, the IDFreeze portion of myfico.com is a very essential tool to helping you deter, detect and defend identity theft. Plus, if it happens it can do some of the work for you such as cancelling credit cards and warning the police.  It does a lot of scanning for you; such as credit card scanning, bank account number scanning, and even Social Security Number scanning, so that way if it sees them anywhere other than your home, it alerts you. It gives you Lost Wallet Protection for incase you lose your wallet or purse. It also gives you e-mail protection for junk mail reduction and spyware scans. Not only does it provide to you, with On-call Protection Specialists, but does this all backed up with Service Warranty Protection. Unlike monitoring it yourself and most other monitoring products, which make you alert after the theft has already taken place; IDFreeze takes a proactive approach and stops it before it even happens.

With all that being said, the services can immensely help you to monitor and protect your Fico Score and Report. Not only do they give you the resources you would need to defend and detect identity theft, like education and easy checking, but also you can get IDFreeze that practically does it for you. Remember, your Fico Score is what your credit is based on, so you need to want to do everything you can to protect it.

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