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Hard Drive Management Utilities

Hard drive management can be a nightmare. The hard drive is where all of those bits and bytes megabytes and gigabytes get together to form data. Sometimes of those bits and bytes may get a little scrambled or maybe the hard drive itself will crash and you will lose all of your precious data. Maybe you just want to get a bigger hard drive and don't want to reinstall the entire operating system. Whatever the case may be, you may be in need for some hard drive management tools.

Hard drive management utilities can be used for a variety of tasks. One of the most important tasks the software will perform is to protect your data. You can protect your data either by backing it up to an external drive or maybe to USB Drives, CD-ROM's or DVD's or maybe both. Online Backup is also a very viable solution. You can also choose to take an exact image of the hard drive in case of a bad crash you can restore not only the data but also the entire operating system in minutes. Those tasks are very difficult to perform without a hard drive management utility.

Maybe you are planning on getting a new computer and not sure what to do with your old one? Maybe you are going to donate it to charity or give it away. Before you do that you need to make sure that all your personal data is erased. You wouldn't want to leave any of your secrets or financial data on your old drive because you would then be a perfect candidate for identity theft. Acronis Migrate Easy allows you to move all of your data to a new computer and then securely erase the old hard drive. Whatever the case may be, a utility will make disk management a lot easier. Below are some of the best tools available to make hard drive management as easy as possible.

True Image

Acronis True Image

Acronis True Image - The complete disk imaging, system disk backup, and bare-metal restore for workstations and home PCs. Acronis True Image has just been released with some new features to keep your data safer than ever, including the ability to sync acrosss multiple devices, file synchronization and better network backup capabilities. Great for Seamless Hard Drive Upgrades: Transfer Windows and all installed programs from one drive to another. A perfect solution if you're looking to upgrade your hard drive and don't want to reinstall Windows.

Acronis True Image


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