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Internet Safety

LifeLock Identity Theft Protection Services

LifeLock does not wait for identity theft to happen, they virtually prevent it from happening in the first place. Once you have enrolled in the LifeLock service, they automatically start monitoring your personal information for threats to your identity. If an attempt has been made to misuse your identity, they immediately contact you to correct the situation before anything malicious happens.  

How Does LifeLock Work?

The sign up process is easy and intuitive as they walk you through the many questions pertaining to your personal and sensitive information that needs to be monitored.  This step is very important and the questions must be answered fully and truthfully in order to insure total protection of your identity. Once all of the information is input, LifeLock contacts you to make sure that the application is indeed yours.

At this point, your identity is monitored and protected by several unique methods. LifeLock monitors an array of resources relating to you including new credit accounts, mortgages address changes and utilities and if anyone including you attempts to change or open new accounts, you will be notified by phone or email and your online account. You will also get monthly reports breaking down the health of your identity keeping you up to date and informed.

LifeLock also scours the Internet for your personal information to see if it is being used for fraudulent activity and alerts you of any bad intentions. Social Security Numbers, Drivers Licenses and credit card numbers in the wrong hands can seriously damage your identity and ruin your credit and reputation. Other services include stolen wallet remediation services, phishing and SMSishing monitoring.

The LifeLock Ultimate plan is, as the plan name says, the Ultimate in identity theft protection. It goes a bit further than the cheaper version of the service by offering you credit report alerts from the three major credit report bureaus and access to your credit report and score. It also scans file sharing sites and other known global networks for you pertinent information further protecting your identity.

One of the newest identity theft risks that is being used by criminals is the use of Social Security numbers and information from children.  It is a faster growing crime than identity theft against adults. Criminals can use that information to open accounts using your their identity and this activity typically would not be noticed until they try to open credit accounts themselves.  LifeLock offers protection from such crimes.

Why use LifeLock

A very important fact to consider when pondering the use of the LifeLock service is that they use a proactive approach to identity theft protection instead of notifying you when something has already happened. They specialize in prevention rather than reporting.  If you become a victim of identity theft while you are a LifeLock member they can to help getting your identity problems resolved.  

Protect your Identity with LifeLock. Sign up for LifeLock today and get up to 25% off the first year. Terms apply.

LifeLock Identity Theft Prevention

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