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Internet Safety

  If You Need to Know, SpyBuddy will tell you

SpyBuddy 2012 is primarily computer monitoring software, rather than web filtering software. It offers some filtering options, based on keywords and a list of web sites, but it's not a full-fledged web filtering solution. Instead, it helps you track your children's online and offline activities. You can see what they are doing but stopping them will be up to you. There are other programs that will allow you to block and filter better, but if you just want to know what they are doing on the computer then this is the program you need.

SpyBuddy is a powerful spy software and computer monitoring product for monitoring spouses, children, co-workers, or just about anyone else! With SpyBuddy, you can log and record both sides of all chat and instant message conversations for all of the major chat platforms. Wouldn't it be good to know whether they are chatting or doing homework?

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Here is a screenshot of the main interface:

The SpyBuddy Main Interface

You can record and save all e-mail messages sent and received from the PC you are monitoring. Works with ALL POP3 and SMTP supported e-mail clients, such as Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora, and more! Then you can have the log emailed to you while you are working so you know what the kids are doing on the computer at all times.

SpyBuddy records all websites visited and takes screenshots of them too. Another great feature is the recording of all changes made to your hard drive and external media. SpyBuddy will record all of the following:

Created Directories
Deleted Directories
Created Files
Deleted Files
Renamed Files
Renamed Files

Those features let you know if they have downloaded any files or pictures and tried to hide them or delete them.

Here is a screenshot of one of the configuration pages:
SpyBuddy General Log Settings
It doesn't get much simpler than that!

SpyBuddy is a very well rounded computer monitoring program that we highly recommend if you want to log what is happening on your computer.

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