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PC Tools Spyware Doctor Review

PC Tools Spyware Doctor has been discontinued. Symantec has a range of similar products to keep your PC protected. See the Symantec products here.

Here is a review of the PC Tools Spyware Doctor spyware removal utility. A friend of mine was having problems with his computer. Wow were there problems! When I got the computer it was very slow to boot up and even slower accessing the Internet. The first thought was that this computer is loaded with spyware or adware. Those spyware programs get loaded on a computer so easily these days that they are hard to keep up with. A tool like the PC Tools Spyware Doctor makes the task of removing spyware easy. Let's see how it works.

I took a look at the task manager to see what processes were running and how much available physical memory was available. As you can see, there was about 293 Megabytes of available memory before installing and running the PC Tools Spyware Doctor software.

The Windows Task Manager before Spyware Doctor

I proceeded to install and register the PC Tools Spyware Doctor program.

The Spyware Doctor Setup Wizard

It was a quick and painless setup. I just accepted all of the default prompts and when the installation finished, Spyware Doctor proceeded to scan for spyware.

Intelli-Scan in Progress

When the scan for spyware was finished, it had confirmed what I had expected. This computer was loaded with spyware. The PC Tools Spyware Doctor had found 19 threats and 700 infections. No wonder the computer was running so slow. I clicked the button to fix all the checked items.

The Spyware Doctor Scan Results

Then PC Tools Spyware Doctor popped up a legal notice. The notice says that the removal of certain types of spyware will make the program that installed the spyware cease to operate. Most of this spyware was intentionally installed by those so called Free programs. If the user had read the 15-page end user license agreement (EULA), it probably would have notified him that the spyware was being installed. The EULA would fail to say all the spyware installed was going to cripple his computer. I told the program to continue the removal of all spyware.

Spyware Doctor gives a Legal Notice

The PC Tools Spyware Doctor spyware removal program quickly removed all of the threats. The total scan time was 2-minutes and 53-seconds.

All Infections Successfully Removed

The Spyware Doctor informed me that a reboot is required to remove all of the infections.

A Reboot is Required After Cleaning Spyware Infections

I scanned the computer again for the fun of it. Some forms of spyware are relentless and reinstall the spyware on a reboot. Fortunately, this was not the case because there were no threats detected.

Spyware Doctor Reported no Threats Detected

I then gave the computer a clean reboot. The boot-time was noticeably quicker and a look at the Windows Task Manager showed that the computer had a total of 328 Megabytes of available physical memory. That is a gain about 35 Megabytes of available memory. The page-file usage and the running processes were noticeably lower. The computer is also noticeably faster when accessing the Internet and applications.

The Windows Task Manager after running PC Tools Spyware Doctor

The PC Tools Spyware Doctor did an impressive job of removing all of the spyware on this computer. Spyware Doctor also comes equipped with real time spyware protection. Spyware Doctor has a feature called OnGuard Protection. The OnGuard Protection feature protects computers from a variety of malicious programs. The features include a Browser Guard, a File Guard, a Network Guard and a Keylogger Guard for extra protection. Of course, I turned these features on before giving the computer back to prevent the PC from becoming infected again. The PC Tools Spyware Doctor is a recommended spyware removal and protection utility to have in your arsenal to protect your computer from malicious spyware infections.



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