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Internet Safety

Norton Security Products

The Norton computer protection products have been keeping PCs safe for many years and they are reliable and stable products that have stood the test of time. Norton Security and Norton Security with Backup are the three main products that Symantec offers for home PC protection. Whether you are looking for a total Internet security suite or just reliable Antivirus protection, Norton has you covered.

Norton Security

Norton Security gives you all around proactive protection from a variety of online threats that may result in lost files, stolen passwords, identity theft and malware.  The virus protection alone is worth every penny spent and the suite is packed with many more features to keep your computer and family protected.

Virus Protection

The virus protection part of the program is updated every 5 to 15 minutes as new threats are found with the 24x7 threat monitoring system without you even knowing that they are being updated. If you already have a virus, that is not a problem with the deep cleaning utility the viruses will be removed safely and effectively. The antivirus utility scans downloads, web pages and even Facebook links to keep your computer safe.

Identity Theft Protection

Many “bad” websites out there have a variety of ways to steal or compromise your identity. Norton neutralizes the problem by identifying those sites and blocking the links that may be potentially harmful. You can shop online, and use your social networks with the security of knowing Norton Security is protecting you from phishing and other malicious attacks. It even securely stores and enters your passwords in a way that makes it virtually impossible to reveal your passwords.

Norton Antivirus

The Norton Antivirus is included in Norton Security gives you unsurpassed virus protection without slowing down your computer. You never even know that it is installed until it finds a virus or other malicious program that tries to harm your computer. The Antivirus utility has exclusive behavior and reputation technologies that are so advanced that it is able to stop online threats before they even get close to your PC.


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