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Internet Safety


SentryPC Internet and PC Restriction

SentryPC - The Future of Computer and Internet Monitoring

SentryPC is one of the most comprehensive monitoring programs that we have tested to date. This program offers a complete solution for any type of computer access control. SentryPC covers everything from time management to complete surveillance and child proofing of your PC! Wouldn't it be nice to know that your child is not chatting when you tell them to stay off the chat lines and do homework? Unless you are sitting right next to them when they are on the computer, they are still chatting.

Time Management is just one of the Bonuses of this program

Probably the most important feature of SentryPC is its time management. Every program, game, website, etc is at your disposal for time management settings. This means you can specify by what hours on what days of the week the user can access and use your selection. You also have the ability to enter a 'weekly allowance' which when the total time you enter for the selection has been used for that week the user no longer has access until the following week. Time management is a very important feature that works amazingly well.

The Filtering Capabilities of this Program are Phenomenal!

SentryPC has an extensive filtering engine built in. You can essentially choose a daily schedule of 'allowable' times for virtually any program, game, website, or even the computer or Internet itself. This lets you specify at what specific times they can be accessed by that specific user. You can even enter a weekly total allowance to prevent extensive use over the course of the week.

Application Filtering
Filter any application or game choosing what hours and days along with a total allowance for the week for each user.

Chat Filtering

Filter AOL, AIM, AIM Express, AOL Chat, Yahoo, ICQ, MSN, Excite, Trillian, Mirc, and Odigo for each user. Choose what hours and days along with a total allowance for the week.

Keystroke Filtering

Enter specific words or phrases that cannot be entered by users. For instance, enter your childrens name, address, phone number, etc and whenever they are typed the window will be closed instantly. This ensures confidential information cannot be shared with others through email, websites, etc.

Website Filtering

Filter specific websites and choose what hours and days along with a total usage allowance for week.

User Notification

You have the option to alert the user that they were blocked by a popup stating so.

Protect your children from the dangers of the Internet with SentryPC

SentryPC Includes all of the Standard Monitoring Capabilities

SentryPC also monitors and records important information for all users of the computer. You will have easy to read reports of all keystrokes, windows opened, applications used, websites visited, and all chat conversations. Each includes the time, date, and duration as well. This is imperative for preventing harmful and/or unauthorized use of the computer and Internet.

Keystroke Monitoring
Record all keystrokes made by the user while using the keyboard.

Windows Open
All Windows opened will be recorded along with their window name.

Applications Executed

All applications executed will be recorded along with their start time and end time.

Websites Visited

All websites visited will be recorded along with their start time and end time.

Chat Monitoring

All AOL, ICQ, MSN, and Yahoo chats will be recorded in full with time stamp.

The SentryPC monitoring program also has a variety of securty feautures and it is extremely easy to use. Take a look at SentryPC and start taking control of your computer users and their access! You can purchase, download, and install in less than 5 minutes!


SentryPC Internet and PC Restriction

SentryPC allows you to restrict websites, applications, and overall computer access and schedule when access is allowed on the PC.  You can also remotely monitor the activity so you will know everything being done on the computer in real-time.  Computer usage can be scheduled daily, and allows for total weekly and daily time limits to be set. Time schedules can also be applied to application and website filters, allowing users to access certain content at specific times only.  SentryPC prevents unauthorized websites, programs, keystroke phrases, and chat clients from being used. SentryPC can block unwanted behaviors in real-time as they occur.  Read more about SentryPC.

On Sale for $49.95 - Regular Price is $69.95

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