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Internet Safety


Spyware Is a Peeping Tom down Your Internet Street

Imagine working on your computer minding your own business and thinking you are safe, well that is not always true. Surfing on the internet is great at least you do not have to get into your car to find your favorite product. However in our shopping for bargains there are always those tempting FREE DOWNLOADS that are not as free as you think. In many instances, you have a spyware program attached to it, which is then down loaded and is then right beside you gathering your very personal habits and thoughts in the way of keyword searches you do on the internet. Every so often, the spyware program sends the information in the background to its server giving them valuable information about your surfing habits.

Advertising the hard-nosed way!

Merchants love placing their ads with these spyware programs as they are focused and have intelligent programs to target people like ourselves who might be interested in their products. This is like the hardnosed salesperson you avoid at all costs, as he will get a sale out of you by any means.

Sherlock Homes to the rescue!

Finding Clues as to whether you have spyware on your computer might be difficult. Some indications that you might have spyware running on your machine is when the browser changes your default home page to another web page or to a page that suddenly appears and then keeps throwing up advertisements in your face. Banners flashing their screaming colors and there you are running around with your mouse in formula one mode with the desperate attempts to close down the continuously opening Pop ups that seem to run faster than your mouse will go.

Those who are aware of what the changes are all about on their computer usually install anti- spyware programs to protect themselves just as a homeowner would have a burglar alarm installed with a response unit to do the clean up process.

Spyware is known as Parasite software, junkware, scumware, but don't be mistaken these are not viruses? Most of us would think that our anti virus programs would detect spyware and adware on computers but this is not always true as viruses are seen separately to spyware and adware (Pop Ups). Viruses are scripts written with the intent to do malicious damage to your computer and the other is to do with marketing research. However, how much information are they researching on, which is my big question?

Unfortunately, Anti-virus programs are not going to protect you from spyware and adware. However, there are Anti-Spyware programs to help us get rid of these sneaky peeping Toms in your Internet street.


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