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How Your Identity is Stolen and Ways to Protect Yourself from Identity Theft

There are several ways you can protect yourself from identity theft. With identity theft being the fastest growing crime, it is getting harder to protect your identity on your own. You could be the most careful person in the world and still lose your identity. The criminals that steal identities are just getting too clever about the crimes they are committing for a person to do battle against them alone. Your identity could get stolen just as fast as you can say your social security number and you don't even have to say it out loud.

Security Breach

Just think if you were one of the unfortunate people that happened to use their credit card at Hannaford. They had a security breach that exposed 4.2 million customers' credit and debit card numbers that lasted for over three months before they found out about the breach. By the time they knew there system had been compromised, your identity could have been used to buy a car or apply for a credit card. Then you would have to fight your way through the system to regain your creditors trust even though it was no fault of your own. What a nightmare that task has to be.

Lost or Stolen Identification

If you ever lost your wallet or purse, your identity could be compromised before you could report the lost items. Just think about all of the information that you have to carry with you to confirm your identity. That is all the information a criminal would need to use your identity for their own evil purposes. Once your identity is stolen, it is up to you to clean up the mess. It is a good thing that there are companies that specialize in identity theft prevention and recovery. There are a few services that will protect your identity and guarantee its recovery if it was stolen.

Those are just a few of the ways that your identity could be stolen but you can just imagine the possibilities. Fortunately, there are also many ways to protect your identity. As with most ways of the world, where there is a problem, someone will find a solution. The only solution for your identity protection is an identity theft protection service. Several companies stand above the rest for these services. LifeLock is one of them.

LifeLock does not wait for identity theft to happen; the service prevents it from happening in the first place. Once you have enrolled in the LifeLock service, they automatically start monitoring your personal information for threats to your identity. If an attempt is made to exploit your identity, LifeLock immediately contacts you to correct the situation before anything happens to your reputation and identity. LifeLock also scours the known malicious sites on the Internet for your personal information to see if it is being used for fraudulent activity and alerts you of any bad intentions.  See our review and find discounts for the LifeLock Service.

Protect against Identity Theft with LifeLock. 10% off plus 30 Days Risk Free


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