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Internet Safety

Internet Chat News Archives from 2012

December, 2012

Facebook used by sex predator, say police - "The child's father reported the matter to Police when he became aware of the inappropriate interaction," said Superintendent James O’Brien.
A 34-year-old man will appear in Darwin Magistrates Court this morning to face 15 counts of child sex related charges.
Supt O'Brien said police will allege the man used Facebook to target and groom the 15-year-old girl.
"The use of social media is becoming more prevalent with people being able to access information and communicate with people at any time anywhere," said Superintendent O’Brien.  Find out what your kids are doing on Facebook!
This conduit of accessibility is also the gateway for the most heinous of perpetrators, those who remove the innocence of our children.  Read More>>

Facebook child sex predator Craig Woodman jailed for five years - A pervert who preyed on a young girl before meeting her for sexual encounters has been jailed for five years under an extended sentence.
Using a false name, Craig Woodman, 31, contacted the 13-year-old schoolgirl on Facebook and by text messages before they had what was described as a "consensual relationship".
A judge told the father-of-two, of Wylie Road, Hoo: "I don't use the word grooming. It seems your victim required little in the way of persuasion. Your behaviour leading up to the commission of the offences is better described as predatory."
Woodman had 11 pictures of the girl on his computer, taken from Facebook. Three photos on his mobile phone included one of her standing in front of a mirror in her bra and knickers. Read More>>

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More Information 

November, 2012

Man accused of molesting mentally-challenged teen he met online - San Antonio police said 52-year old Jose Webster met a 16-year-old mentally challenged girl In an internet chat room called Moco Space.
Investigators said in June he lured the girl to a bus station and took her to his south-side home.
According to his arrest warrant, he fondled the girl on several occasions over the next few months until she eventually moved in with him.
The girl allegedly told police he would give her money and buy her things which is why she kept coming around.
The girl also claimed Webster told her she would have to leave she didn't allow him to touch her. Read More>>

Man who groomed 13-year-olds online is a 'danger to young girls' - A man has been told he is a danger to young girls as he was given a life sentence for grooming teenagers over the internet.
Father-of-two Gordon McDonald, 57, will have to serve at least four years in jail before being able to apply for parole.
Mr Auchencloss said: "We are allowing strangers into our children's bedrooms through the internet. Mr McDonald first looked at adult porn then descended into indecent pictures of children and contacted young girls.
McDonald groomed one girl on the internet and eventually got her to meet him after school. He then drove her to a deserted industrial estate where they would strip and perform indecent acts on each other. Read More>>

Stanley 'predator' who targeted under age girls for sex jailed for six years - A YOUNG “predator” contacted under age girls via Facebook to groom them for sex, a court heard. Jamie Lee Clark Ramage twice met and cajoled girls to sleep with him, and was arranging a liaison with a third girl when her mother discovered her daughter’s explicit correspondence with him on the social media site and reported it to police. Dan Cordey, prosecuting, said Ramage met the first victim, aged 15, through a mutual acquaintance on Facebook and added her as a ‘friend’. Despite her misgivings he persuaded her to go to his home to sleep with him, threatening to call off their “relationship” if she refused. Mr Cordey said Ramage persuaded the second girl, who he knew was only 14, to meet him to have sex in a field. Read More>>

Predator groomed Cornwall girl, 15, for sex using the Internet - The 15-year-old Cornish girl thought she was flirting with another teenager on one of a growing number of internet chat sites.
Under invented usernames, she bantered with 'Jai', who claimed to be 18 and from Taunton in Somerset.
Little did she know, her new 'friend' was a married 38-year-old predatory child sex offender from London who would pressure her into having sex in the back of his black Peugeot 306, in a dark corner of a school car park near her village home. Read More>>

October, 2012

Predator Poses as Middle Schooler to Solicit Sexual Contact - A 43-year-old man was charged with using a computer to solicit young children,, Robert Bruce Rennie, Jr., 43, was charged on Oct. 24 with five counts of use of a computer to solicit a child younger than 15 years old.
A student at Lunsford Middle School told her parents she accepted a friend request from what she believed to be a fellow student, named “Kyle Kirts.” During a conversation, “Kyle Kirts” solicited sexual activity from the child.
After investigating the incident, the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office determined “Kyle Kirts” was a fake account set up by Rennie, who was portraying himself as a student of Lunsford Middle School and had mostly young girls on his friends list. Read More>>

Houston man accused of raping girl he met online jailed - A Houston man who investigators said last month raped a girl he met in an Internet chat site is behind bars, Harris County prosecutors said.
Franklin Alberto Mateo, 20, was being held Thursday at the Harris County Jail under $10,000 bail, charged with felony sexual assault, court records show.
The girl told Harris County sheriff's deputies that she met the suspect, who she knew only as Frankie, on myYearbook.com, and they soon after went to the movies, according to a criminal complaint filed Oct. 2.
She told deputies that Mateo called on Labor Day and invited her to "hang out and watch some movies" at his southwest Houston home, the complaint states.
When she arrived, the girl told investigators, Mateo took her hand and led her to an upstairs bedroom that was occupied by several children. Read More>>

Mum of victim describes Facebook sex pest Jeremy Pond as 'sick and twisted' - A Distraught mother whose 14-year-old daughter was targeted by a sexual predator on Facebook has warned parents to be “extra careful”.
Pond, a former student at Bishop Fox’s School, admitted 14 charges of sex offences against seven different girls and was sentenced last week.
Worcester Crown Court heard how the pervert used Facebook to make contact with girls aged between 12 and 15.
He had sex with one of his victims, aged 15, and engaged in sexual activity with others. Read More>>

Amanda Todd, 15, dead after relentless bullying by peers and an Internet predator - Todd was fooling around with her girlfriends on a webcam and filmed herself with her shirt off. A predator was either 30-something-year-old Michael Brutsch or 30-year-old Kody Maxon, a British native. Brutsch and Maxon are both known Internet trolls who prey on young girls and blackmails them.
One of the men apparently saw the webcam and blackmailed Todd to pose for additional nude pictures, threatening to distribute the photos to her school, family and friends if she refused.
After several suicide attempts, Todd’s bullies beat her and followed her from school to school, tormenting her online. They wouldn’t let it go. Read More>>

Warning after Sussex girl forced to perform web sex act - Parents and children in Sussex are being warned to be aware of webcam chat sites after a 14-year-old girl was coerced into performing a sex act.
The girl from Worthing began chatting to a man online who then threatened to upload camera footage on the internet if she did not do what he wanted.
Sussex Police said some chat sites did not have administrators and users "did not know who they were talking to".
They have warned parents to be aware of what their children were doing online. Read More>>

September, 2012

Pervert police worker jailed after grooming children for sex on web-chat site ‘Habbo Hotel’ - A police worker who coaxed children into performing in sick webcam sex shows has been locked up.
Paedophile Ashley Whitfield used animated kids’ web-chat site ‘Habbo Hotel’ to find victims late at night. Children as young as ten posed indecently for him via webcams in their bedrooms as their parents slept unaware.
The pervert – who secretly recorded the images - won his victims’ trust by pretending to be a teenager. In reality, Whitfield, 25, was a serving police community support officer with a secret obsession with child porn. Read More>>

Predator jailed for exploiting teenage girls - An online predator has been jailed for two years and six months for sexually exploiting 17 girls and young women using false Facebook accounts and emails.
Kevin Alexander Reynolds pretended to be a female talent scout for a modeling agency and then a professional photographer who went to meet some of the victims.
He paid small amounts of money and offered more. He ended up obtaining sexually explicit footage and photographs that the police found on his computer system and storage devices.
Reynolds admitted 11 charges of sexually exploiting young people, two charges of dishonestly accessing a computer system relating to hacked Facebook accounts, and six charges of obtaining by deception relating to the older victims. Read More>>

Sexual predator used Facebook to stalk young girls - A sexual predator has been arrested again after police say he used his Facebook page to meet teenage girls and then stalked them. He is a registered sex offender with the Butler County Sheriff's Office and listed as a sexual predator for similar incidents
Aaron Frye, 30, of Hamilton, is charged with menacing by stalking.
Police say Frye sent text message to the girls and would show up at their residences. He followed two of them to the library, telling them he could 'see' them and told them what they were wearing.
Police say Frye also called and followed an adult male after he was told by the man to stay away from his 14-year-old daughter.
Police say Frye had been texting the teen 70 to 80 times a day and driving past her house, threatening to run over her with his vehicle. Read More>>

Cops say child predator used victim’s Facebook friends list to find more victims - State Police say a Fulton man who tried use Facebook to lure a young boy into a sexual encounter used the would-be victim’s friends list on the social networking site to find other potential victims.
They say three more families have emerged since Neal Hart’s arrest on Friday to tell them that the 31-year-old tried to lure other victims.
State Police say the suspect’s alleged activities should serve as a warning to young people who use social media such as Facebook.
According to police, Hart posed as 29-year-old “Ben Smith” and offered to pay teenage boys money for sex. Read More>>

August, 2012

Facebook predator apprehended - A Falfurrias man has been arrested after attempting to use communication through Facebook to convince two 14 year-old girls to engage in sexual acts. Arnulfo Horacio Garcia Jr., 30, was arrested by Border Patrol agents on Tuesday after he was stopped on suspicion of smuggling.On April 20, one of the victims walked out of class after receiving what she perceived as a threatening text from Garcia. During the interview Duval County Sgt. Ricardo Carrillo II conducted with the victim at the school, she said she met Garcia through another 14 year-old girl.The second girl was also interviewed by investigators. She said she met Garcia on Facebook in October 2011. At the time, he claimed to be 19 years-old. At the time, Garcia was 29 years-old. Garcia sent pictures of himself to both girls,
During his investigation, Carrillo received over 3,000 pages worth of Facebook postings from Garcia's page. Carrillo said of the more than 300 friends of Garcia's page, more than half were 16-years-old or younger. Read More>>

Massachusetts man faces sex charge for chats with 12-year-old Colorado boy - The Sheriff's Department said Wednesday Myers used a false name online, but investigators identified Myers, as well as other potential victims in Massachusetts. According to 9News, Myers is a Boy Scout scoutmaster.
The boy's mother discovered the conversations last month and provided Larimer County investigators a 29-page transcript that led to the arrest of Andrew J. Myers of Northbridge, Mass.
"Sheriff Justin Smith reminds parents and their kids that not everyone is who they represent themselves to be on the internet," the Larimer County Sheriff's Department stated Wednesday. "Sheriff Smith urges parents to closely monitor their kids' internet activities to prevent inappropriate activity." Read More>>

July, 2012

Internet predator, 19, who raped girls is 'every parent's worst nightmare' - Elliott McDermott, 19, claimed three victims after befriending the youngsters on the social networking site then making arrangements to meet them.
McDermott took the virginity of one 14-year old girl after offering to buy her alcohol and cigarettes from an off license in return for sex.
McDermott began grooming his victims after they became Facebook friends and began swapping ''unremarkable'' messages, Minshull Street Crown Court in Manchester was told.
His first victim was 12-years-old when he befriended her through Facebook. Read More>>

Chat-room rapist gets ten years - A 28-year-old man has been sentenced to ten years in prison for posing as a girl in internet chat-rooms, luring two girls to meet him and then sexually abusing them.
The computer technician met both girls on the internet, the Zurich court head on Tuesday. He sexually abused one and raped the other.
The first girl he met was 15 years old. He had made contact with her over the internet and then appeared suddenly outside her house. He forced her into the basement, dressed in a balaclava and armed with a knife. He made her perform sexual acts with the blade against her neck.
The second victim was only 14 years old. This time he lured her into meeting him outside her school gates. Read More>>

'Despicable' online sexual predator jailed - A "despicable" sexual predator who posed online as a pretty 18-year-old woman to lure young boys has been jailed for more than four years.
Cameron Hore, 28, surfed internet chatrooms and Facebook looking to sexually exploit youngsters as young as 11.
Posing as Sarah Ruddenklau, the Christchurch man even promised to pay some teenagers as much as $6000 to meet up and have sexual relations with him.
After receiving sexual favours, he would refuse to pay the money.
When his victims chased payment, Hore threatened to expose their "dark secret" by telling friends and neighbours what they had done for money. Read More>>

June, 2012

Man uses internet to lure in, sexually assault minor - A Tel Aviv District Court on Tuesday convicted a 36-year-old man of using Internet chat software to make contact with and sexually assault a 13-year-old girl.
According to the court’s findings, Moshe Sarnaga used a false identity, claimed he was only 24 and offered to spend a day with his victim, known only as Alef because of a gag order, at the beach in order to lure her to his home and sexually assault her. Once in his home, the Court found that Sarnaga sexually assaulted her He had stripped her naked, attempted to rape her and forced her to commit sexual acts on him.. Read More>>

Taunton teacher accused of having sex with 14-year-old student - An eighth-grade social studies teacher at Taunton High School is being held on $100,000 bail on charges he had sex with one of his female students.
Patrick R. Doyle, of 21 Cherry Hill Drive, Seekonk, and the alleged 14-year-old victim also exchanged explicit “sexting” photos via their cell phones, according to police.
Police said Doyle drove the Taunton girl to his Seekonk home on at least three occasions in three months. There, police said, the pair allegedly smoked marijuana and had sex. Read More>>

Social Media Predator Sentenced For Sexually Assaulting Underage Girls - A former volunteer youth girl’s soccer coach from Philadelphia was sentenced to 12.5 to 25-years in jail on Monday, after pleading guilty last year to using social media sites like MySpace and Facebook to prey on teenage girls.
Investigators first became aware of Vincent Mickle in 2010, when he showed up to a teenage girl’s field hockey game to watch the girl, who he had met online.
Mickle would invite them to his home, where he gave them drugs and alcohol and solicited them to perform sexual acts. Read More>>

Md. Facebook predator gets 15 years for sexually exploiting a minor - Joseph Anthony Kallash, 31, from Owings Mills, Maryland, was sentenced yesterday to 15 years in prison, followed by supervised release for life, for sexually exploiting a minor to produce child pornography.
Kallash met a 15-year-old victim on Facebook while representing himself as a teenager. The victim was introduced to Kallash through Facebook by her 15-year-old friend. The friend had accepted Kallash’s online request to be a “friend”. According to the friend, Kallash had sex with her at his residence. Kallash picked up the victim and two of her friends who had skipped school and brought them to his residence. They drank alcohol, smoked marijuana, and watched a movie.
Kallash took the victim to his bedroom, where they had sex. Read More>>

May, 2012

Texas 12-year-old lured into sex trade through Facebook invite - Family members say a child with ties to Austin was lured into the sex trade. Now the child's aunt is sharing her story. She's warning other parents about the warning signs.
Crystal Whalon and her family never thought Facebook would turn dangerous for their 12-year-old and her friends.
"She's young. She's experimenting. She didn't know anything like this would happen," said Whalon.
Whalon says about a month ago, her niece who lives in Houston started chatting online with strangers. The predators invited the 12-year-old to a show. Her parents told her "No," but she went anyway. That's when Crystal says the unthinkable happened.
"They brought her to an undisclosed location and basically forced her into prostitution," said Whalon. Read More>>

Facebook used to lure kids into porn - U.S. Attorney William Hochul says a former West Seneca teacher wove a web of deceit, luring some of his students and others into child pornography through Facebook.
Prosecutors say Timothy Bek violated the sacred trust between a student and a teacher, lusting after the very children he taught.
"He was engaging in some of the most vile conduct, frankly, I have seen," Hochul said.
Bek created a Facebook page posing as a 16-year-old girl named "Sarah Grayson." He then befriended young teens online, convincing them to send him lurid photos - then blackmailing them to send him even more.
"This was a teacher, someone we place trust and confidence in, and he was exploiting students that he knew," FBI Assistant Special Agent Steven Lancer said. Read More>>

Stockton predator groomed girls on Facebook - Fresh warnings were issued last night over the dangers of the internet as a pervert who targeted hundreds of girls in the North-East was starting a six-year prison sentence.
Mark Arthur offered teenagers money, mobile phone top-ups, cigarettes and alcohol in exchange for indecent pictures.
After grooming the youngsters on the social networking website Facebook, the 31-year-old loner encouraged them to send him the photographs, and arranged to meet them for sex. Read More>>

Child predator posts nude photos of girl, 11, online with message she 'likes gang bangs' after she called him a 'creep' - A 37-year-old sex offender posed as a child on an internet chat room, persuaded an 11-year-old to send him photos of her genitals before posting them online with the message: 'She does gang bangs.'
Spencer Scott Kellam, from Pompano Beach, Orlando, joined chat rooms meant for children and searched dating sites for women who had children.
Prosecutors also found dozens of soft child porn images on his computer.
When sentencing him on Thursday, a judge said the most disturbing thing about the case was how he had singled out an 11-year-old girl from Ireland, duped her into sending him naked photos of her private parts and then posted them online. Read More>>

April, 2012

Predator groomed schoolgirls on Facebook - A Facebook pervert who used the social networking site to groom two schoolgirls has been jailed.
Predator Anthony Lauder, 28, preyed on the youngsters after contacting them through the website.
He persuaded one girl to go to his Hartlepool flat where sexual activity took place between them.
Lauder also attempted to meet a younger girl. But she failed to go through with it.
The court heard he knew both girls were aged under 16 and lied to them about his age.
Following the sexual activity at his flat, Lauder later spoke to her on Facebook about what had taken place.
He made contact with the second girl, who was too young to join Facebook but lied about her age, around the same time.  Read More>>

Dunnigan man convicted of kidnapping, sex with El Dorado Hills teen - A Yolo County jury has convicted a Dunnigan man of kidnapping and engaging in sex with a 13-year-old El Dorado Hills girl.
Jason Stephen Sigur, 36, was convicted of 41 counts of kidnapping, sex with a child younger than 14, communicating with a minor for the purpose of committing a sex act, and burglary, according to a Yolo County District Attorney's Office news release.
Sigur met the 13-year-old girl on an Internet chat room. He immediately began visiting the girl in person at her El Dorado Hills home, sneaking in through a bedroom window while the victim's mother slept in another room, officials said.
On Oct. 14, 2010, Sigur persuaded the victim to leave her home and go to Dunnigan to live with him. Read More>>

Suspected Facebook Predator Jailed - Detectives say 32 year old Bryan Pringle tried to lure the two girls in Beaumont and other children through Facebook.
Police said what the children did is unusual in cases such as this: they told someone.
There are security settings that can make personal pages private. These two 12 year old Beaumont girls made their settings private, still... the accused stalker privately messaged them and got a response.
Police say Pringle had several facebook pages and posed as a 15 year boy.
"They have 2 purposes...they want a naked picture of that child or they want to eventually travel and meet that person primarily for the purpose of sex," said Jeff Curl.  Read More>>

Schoolboy and schoolgirl made sexually explicit video and posted it online. Head's warning over 'internet evils' as teenage boy puts porn film of himself and girl, 14, on Facebook.
A headmaster has warned of the ‘evils of modern technology’ after a boy of 14 was arrested for making a pornographic film of himself and a schoolgirl and posting it on Facebook.
The footage was in common circulation and thought to have been viewed by thousands of pupils before it was removed from the site.
The boy was arrested and given a final warning by police – the juvenile equivalent of a caution – for making and distributing an indecent video.
The warning will stay on his record for six years. Read More>>

March, 2012

Facebook predator charged with child sexual exploitation of 14-year-old girl - 26 year-old Rahn Freeland (a.k.a. “Rahn Corleone”) of Foreston Valley Court in Parkton, MD was arrested in a sting operation on March 12 by the Baltimore County Police Department (BCPD) and charged with sexual solicitation of a minor and an attempted sex offense. According to the BCPD, a 14-year-old girl from Towson, MD began receiving facebook messages from Freeland after he saw her picture on Facebook. She told Freeland that she was only 14 years old.
Freeland told the girl that he was 20 years old. In February, she met the suspect and realized he was much older than he had originally told her. Read more>>

MySpace predator convicted for grooming girls online - At the Riverside County Superior Court, 34 year-old Joshua David Threlkeld was found guilt of 79 felony charges and one misdemeanor.
Exploiting the common concerns and desires of young teenage girls, Threlkeld is reported to have created a fake modelling agency online between 2007 and 2009. After creating an additional fake profile and posing as a 13 year-old model called Sara, the Californian then tricked his victims in to sending him explicit photos.
Posing as ‘Sara’, he would search MySpace and Facebook for likely victims, and then solicit girls to send sexually explicit photos.
Threlkeld was also convicted of kidnapping one child, a 13 year-old. The predator met up with the girl, took her to Palm Springs for a ‘photo shoot’, and then proceeded to sexually assault her in the shower. Others were taken to his home or San Jacinto, where a number were photographed in the nude. Read More>>

Michigan man accused of sex with 12-year old Putnam girl - Ashlee Liebert of Whitmore Lake, Michigan and the 12-year-old girl were found in a parked car in a remote part of Cross Creek Road near Buffalo.
Putnam County Sheriff Mark Smith says it's actually a stroke of luck the two were found. While deputies were taking a missing person report on the young girl, there was a report of a suspicious car on Cross Creek Road in Buffalo. According to the criminal complaint, inside the car deputies found Liebert naked with the 12-year-old girl. The two had sex.
The 5-month long relationship started with the online game "World of Warcraft."
"You go in and you create your own person that looks almost like you. You become friends with different people that you don't know and you team up and fight against other people," said a 13-year old Putnam County teen.
"Predators tend to prime these kids and stay with them for a while. They play the games with them and get more and more personable as they go so the student or the child gets more trusting," said Sullivan.
Sullivan said the solution for parents is know what your children are doing online. Read More>>

Man lured underage girls over the Internet for sex - Brian Allan Cockell, 28, was found guilty of charges including Internet luring, sexual interference, abduction, making child pornography and possession of child pornography.
Cockell met his victims on Nexopia, an Edmonton-based social networking site popular with teenagers. In November 2008, he began chatting with a 12-year-old girl who lived north of Edmonton. They told each other their ages and exchanged phone numbers. They texted each over a series of weeks.
They arranged to meet at an ice rink in Gibbons. The girl recognized Cockell from pictures he had sent. They drove back to Cockell’s Edmonton home and had sex. They had five more sexual encounters in the following weeks. Read More>>

Texas teen flees from possible Facebook predator - A teenage girl is lucky to be alive after she fled from an alleged predator in a Texas motel, authorities said.
The 13-year-old girl escaped from a motel room in Plainview last month after a 25-year-old man allegedly befriended her by posing as a 15-year-old girl on Facebook, police said.
Once she got to the room, an older man greeted her, saying her Facebook friend was in the shower and would greet her shortly, according to the police
When the girl turned her back to look toward the bathroom, he grabbed her and taped her mouth shut.  Read More>>

February, 2012

Man sent to jail for using Internet to lure girls - A 20-year-old Calgary man is off to prison for manipulating two girls in the United States over the Internet to touch themselves sexually and supply him with pornographic pictures.
Provincial court Judge Allan Fradsham said Friday in sentencing Evan Shepherdson to 5½ years that even though he was not sophisticated and lacked many life experiences for his age, his offences were deliberate and planned.
"He achieved some success as he skillfully manipulated the girls to comply with his requests as he committed these grave offences," said the judge.
Fradsham said the extreme youth of the victims - 12 and 13 - and the length of time over which the offences took place - three months - was aggravating.
He also said the man exploited the girls by grooming them for further sexual purposes.  Read More>>

Pervert targeted boys via website - A PERVERT has been jailed for sex offences against boys he met while trawling a children’s chatroom.
Alex Nicholson sobbed when he was sent down for two years and barred from using youngsters’ websites for 10 years.
The 24-year-old, of Westbourne Drive, Shiney Row, befriended two 12-year-old boys on the popular Habbo Hotel site, where children can adopt and play with virtual pets.
Newcastle Crown Court heard Nicholson convinced the boys to chat with him via webcam, where they would then be exposed to sickening live footage of him committing a sex act on himself.  Read More>>

Facebook bullies left rape victim 'terrified' - A 13-year-old rape victim and her family were threatened with revenge in a hate campaign by Facebook bullies for reporting her attacker to the police, it was reported.
The schoolgirl was attacked by a 15-year-old "sexual predator" in an alleyway before being found naked from the waist down by dog-walker.
Her parents, who had been trying to find her, reached her on her mobile phone to hear some of the attack and their daughter screaming "stop it".
But after the family went to the police, the teenager was branded a "lying little skank" on Facebook and told her home would be set alight unless she withdraw her evidence.  Read More>>

Oakdale man suspected of assaulting teen he lured on Facebook - A Modesto Junior College student suspected of using Facebook to lure a 14-year-old girl into a meeting was arrested on suspicion of sexually assaulting the girl, authorities said Monday.
Garcia said that Young, using such aliases as "Noah Camacho," "Andrew" or "Alex," built a rapport with the 14-year-old, and introduced a fictitious friend, saying the friend wanted to meet with the girl.
The assault occurred near Stockton, Garcia said.
Young also requested nude photos and is suspected of "sexting" with potential victims, Garcia said.
Garcia said the case serves as an important reminder to parents.
"We want to make sure to alert parents to be vigilant about their teens and their social media accounts," he said. Read More>>

Sex predator who terrorized girl on Facebook gets 30-year sentence - A relentless Danish sex predator who used Facebook to stalk and threaten an 11-year-old Missouri girl likely will spend the rest of his life in a U.S. prison.
Kai Lundstroem Pedersen, 61, whose own lawyer described his crimes as "horrific" and "unspeakable," was sentenced to 30 years in prison for using multiple aliases and online accounts to extort the Buchanan County girl into making child pornography.
A sexual predator invading a daughter's bedroom from thousands of miles away is a parent's worst nightmare, U.S. Attorney Beth Phillips said.
"This 61-year-old man tricked and tried to bully an 11-year-old girl," Phillips said. "He waged a relentless campaign of extortion that harassed and terrorized his young victim and will now pay the price." Read More>>

Man had sex with Ontario boy after giving him vodka, FBI says - An Arizona man has been indicted for traveling to California and allegedly having sex with an underage boy from Ontario, the FBI said Thursday evening.
Michael Killala, 42, who lives in Peoria, allegedly got the boy intoxicated on vodka at a hotel before having sex, the FBI said.
Killala met the boy online in an Internet chat room and corresponded with the victim for several months, according to the FBI. The Arizona resident allegedly traveled to California in December and again this month to meet the victim. Read More>>


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More Information

January, 2012

Former officer arrested for child porn - The Gloucester County Sheriff's Office arrested a former Hampton police officer accused of child pornography and sending sexual text messages to a 12-year-old. On Jan. 26, deputies received a report from the parents of a 12-year-old who had been texting with a man. Deputies said the suspect and child only knew each other through text messaging.
The conversations turned sexual in nature and the two talked about meeting somewhere for a sexual encounter. In addition, deputies said Lawrence sent the 12-year-old a sexually explicit picture of him and requested the child send one as well. Read More>>

Florida man sentenced for sexually abusing Will County girl - A Florida man who traveled to Will County to have sex with a young girl he had befriended on the Internet was sentenced to 20 years in prison, according to Will County State's Attorney James Glasgow.
Jon Filipkowski, 33, was sentenced on Wednesday by Circuit Judge Daniel Rozak. A jury in May found him guilty of four counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse and one count of traveling to meet a minor.
Filipkowski, who was charged in July 2010, was posing as a young boy in an Internet chat room for teens when he struck up a friendship with the young girl. About a month into their online relationship, he revealed his true age and the chats became sexual in nature. In June 2010, he traveled to Will County to meet the girl, and had sex with the child in a local hotel room.  Read More>>

Bath man admits sexting girl, fondling her on fishing trip - Jonathan Creveling, of the 100 block of Old Forge, admitted he texted inappropriate messages to the victim and exchanged sexual photos with her.
He admitted he went to Fantasia Farms in Moore Township with her on July 4. He took her fishing and kissed and fondled her in his car and in a canoe.
The girl had feelings for him, according to Northampton County Assistant District Attorney Pat Broscius, but indicated “she was uncomfortable with the situation and she was scared.” Read More>>

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