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Realtime-Spy Remote computer monitoring

Realtime-Spy Computer Monitoring Program

The Realtime-Spy computer monitoring solution utilizes a web based, remotely deployable, computer monitoring solution. This allows you to view, in real-time, everything that is being done on the monitored computer. Realtime-Spy runs in total stealth and has a module you can use to remotely deploy the spy software. This monitoring solution is the ideal solution if you need to spy on a well-informed computer user. They cannot detect the Realtime-Spy computer monitoring solution.

The Realtime-Spy monitoring program allows you to view the user activity from anywhere in the world. This is a great feature to have in a computer monitoring program. You can know everything that they are doing on the monitored computer while you are traveling, at work or sitting in the same room.

You will know what websites your kids are visiting or what chat rooms your spouse may be visiting as it happens. If an Internet predator is grooming your child, then you need to know immediately. If your spouse is having a little cyber affair, you want to know immediately. Realtime-Spy is the perfect monitoring solution for this task. You can keep an eye on their computer use and they will never know. Of course, the computer monitoring solution allows you to let them know they are being monitored if you choose to let them know. Sometimes just letting them know that the computer is being monitored is enough to keep them out of trouble.

The Realtime-Spy computer-monitoring program not only allows you to know what they are doing on the Internet, it monitors all of the activity on the monitored computer. Realtime-Spy monitors all application activity, letting you know if they are doing homework or playing their favorite game. This monitoring program takes desktop screenshots so you can see if they are looking at indecent pictures or movies. Realtime-Spy also captures every keystroke typed so you can get the secret password to your kids MySpace account(s). Did you know that most kids have two MySpace accounts? They usually have one for the parents to see and one for the rest of the world to see. Which account do you really want to see?

If you can browse a website, you can use Realtime-Spy to monitor your family. The user navigation is very intuitive and easy to use. All you need to do is click on the appropriate link to view any activity you need to see. You can see all of the Internet connections, websites visited, chat transcripts and documents opened from this page. Realtime-Spy logs both sides of any chat conversation allowing you to see what both chat users are typing. All you have to do is click on the appropriate link to view all chat conversations that initiated from the monitored computer. It does not get much simpler than that.

Realtime-Spy Computer monitoring program

Here is a screenshot of the Realtime-Spy member's area. This is where you spy on the monitored PC.

The Realtime-Spy Member's area

If you are remotely monitoring a computer and you see things are getting out of hand, Realtime-Spy has some very helpful tools to let you take control of the monitored computer. You can freeze or lock the monitored computer with the click of a button. You can even shutdown, restart or log off the user remotely.

The Realtime-Spy Administrative Functions

Realtime-Spy is an easy to use and recommended computer monitoring solution that you can use to keep your family and relationship safe. Find out more about Realtime-Spy.

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Realtime-Spy or Realtime-Spy PLUS


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