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Internet Safety

Internet Chat News Archives from 2008

December, 2008

Posed as millionaire, man gets 6 1/2 years for luring - A fraud artist who tricked a 12-year-old Cambridge girl into a sexual encounter with a promise of $200 million was sentenced yesterday to 6 1/2 years in jail.
The man, 32, met the girl in an internet chat room and exchanged hundreds of cellphone text messages with her before arranging a meeting.
The girl was at first reluctant, but agreed to sex for money after the man, posing as a Russian millionaire, gradually increased his offer.
He took the girl to an area in Cambridge near railway tracks, where they had intercourse and she performed oral sex on him. As part of the con, he let her hear a telephone message suggesting he had opened a bank account into which he would transfer her payment. The money never showed up.
"Her parents were contemplating bankruptcy and she wanted to help them out," Justice Sharon Nicklas said.

Man gets 6-15 years for having sex with 14-year-old - A Maryland man who traveled to Jackson to have sex with a 14-year-old girl said Thursday he thought she was legal. ``I thought she was 18 or 19,'' said the 30-year-old.
Circuit Judge John McBain sentenced the man to six to 15 years in prison for third-degree criminal sexual conduct, once known as statutory rape. He pleaded guilty in October.
The man said he met the girl on a chat room and talked to her over the phone before coming to Michigan in late summer.
Although he told McBain he discovered the girl's age shortly after having intercourse with her, Assistant Prosecutor Nick Mehalco said there were three or four encounters.
``I have turned toward the Lord,'' he said, guaranteeing McBain he would never pursue underage girls again. Read More>>

Couple Admit Taking Columbus Teen To Florida For Sex - A Columbus couple pleaded guilty this week to taking a 14-year-old girl to Florida and introducing her to the lifestyle of being a prostitute.
According to a statement of facts filed with their pleas, the couple met the girl in an Internet chat room.  After meeting in person, the Columbus girl left for Florida with the couple in June but later became uncomfortable with the thought of engaging in prostitution. Read More>>

Robbinsdale man charged with sex crime involving 11-year-old girl - A Robbinsdale man who allegedly molested an 11-year-old girl in a south metro park has been charged with second-degree criminal sexual conduct, according to a criminal complaint filed in Dakota County District Court.
The man had been talking with the victim in an Internet chat room and met the girl and one of her friends on Oct. 11 in an Apple Valley park. While at the park, he and the victim walked to a wooded area of the park where he kissed and touched her. Read More>>

November, 2008

Gravesend father-of-four jailed for sex offences - A FATHER has been jailed for nine months after pleading guilty to showing sexual images to children as young as 13.
The man, of Overcliffe, Gravesend, had pleaded guilty to six charges of causing a child to view a sexual act and six charges of making indecent images of a child.
At Maidstone Crown Court on Friday the 40-year-old was sentenced to nine months in prison for using a webcam to cause a 13-year-old girl to watch him performing a sex act on himself.
The court heard that he caused children aged between 13 and 15 to view a sexual act on six separate occasions in June 2006 while communicating with them over the internet.
Katie Fox, prosecuting, said he had contacted the girls through an internet chat room and then showed them his penis via a webcam and a link to his own website. Read More>>

Internet luring suspect pleads guilty - A United Kingdom man has pled guilty in Richmond provincial court to child luring in a case that involved a Lower Mainland teenage girl and a social networking website.
The Suspect, 22, was arrested at Vancouver International Airport in July after he was questioned by Canada Border Services officers and found to be carrying a large number of condoms and child pornography.
During an ensuing police investigation, police claim they learned of his plans to have sex with a 13-year-old girl from the Lower Mainland.

October, 2008

Former Baptist youth minister sentenced for child molesting - A former Southern Baptist youth minister in Kentucky was sentenced Oct. 31 to 10 years in prison after confessing to sexually exploiting a 14-year-old girl he met while posing as a 17-year-old youth evangelist on the social-networking website MySpace.
The Minister, 40, of Greensburg, Ky., admitted in July that he met the girl online and then followed up with computer and telephone messages during the summer of 2007. That September he drove about 50 miles from his home in Greensburg, Ky., to the victim's home in Madison County, where he sexually exploited her. Read More>>

Winchester school aide indicted on child rape charges - A special education teacher’s aide in Winchester was indicted today on charges he used the Internet to lure girls into pornography and sex, raping one of them.
Middlesex District Attorney Gerry Leone said 28-year-old Christopher French groomed girls through online chats on Facebook and MySpace. He allegedly sent and received naked photographs and tried to entice the girls to meet him in his hot tub.
In one case, Leone says French raped a 14-year-old girl at her house. Read More>>

Dorval man accused of luring teens on internet faces more charges - A Montreal man accused of luring teenaged girls over the internet was charged with four more child-predator counts Monday.
He now faces a total of 111 charges connected to threatening, extorting and corrupting the morals of several girls as young as 13.
The man, 28, is accused of gaining access to his alleged victims' contact lists via internet chat rooms.
Crown prosecutors allege he would pose as a friend first, and then would blackmail the girls for sexual purposes.
He is accused of convincing the girls to strip in front of a webcam. He would then obtain the video, and pressure them for more through blackmail prosecutors say.  

Teen May Have Run Off With Man She Met On the Internet - Cheyenne Weir is a lot like most teenagers. She spent plenty of time online and loved to chat over the Internet. Now her guardians and police both fear those virtual conversations have led her down a very dangerous path - and they no longer know where she is.
Weir is a 14-year-old Blackstock, Ontario girl who first raised concerns when she didn't turn up for school on Wednesday. No one has heard from her since and that's led to instant suspicion that she may have fled to be with a man she met in a chat room.  

Predatory Pedophile Jailed for 4 Years - A PAEDOPHILE who used the internet to repeatedly prey on children was today jailed for four years.
Adrian Charles Gray, 51, of Helston, was sentenced at Swansea Crown Court this afternoon after earlier pleading guilty to 15 counts of inciting children to commit and to watch sexual acts online.
Police said at least seven of the charges related to seven different youngsters while other charges involved him making and possessing indecent images of children.
Several computers and associated media were seized in a search of the property.
They were taken to the force's hi-tech crime unit to be forensically examined. Thousands of images, mainly indecent and of young girls, were found to have been stored on the drives.
These were images of children with whom he had been chatting online. They had been taken by Gray with the webcam after he had persuaded the young girls to act upon his demands and fetishes.
It is vital that parents take an interest in what their children are doing and to whom they are talking when online. If you haven't discussed internet safety with your children, do it today! Read More>>

September, 2008

Man who raped girl, 12, escapes jail after judge says victim tricked him into thinking she was 19 - A man who admitted raping a girl of 12 he had met on the internet has escaped jail because she told him she was a 19-year-old mother.
The girl told the man she was seven years older than her actual age and was a mother after they met on a social networking website.
The 12-year-old had deliberately tricked him into thinking she was older before they had consensual sex.  Read More>>

Kids are repeatedly lying about their age on these social networking websites and end up getting more than they bargained for.  It is up to the parents to protect kids from themselves! Find out what your kids are doing on the Internet before it is too late.

Man caught with underage girl - A 26-year-old Town of Tonawanda man found himself in a jail cell after allegedly using an Internet site and text messages to entice a 14-year-old girl into his car. Andres and the girl communicated through text messages after meeting on an on-line profile Web site similar to MySpace.
The man was charged with endangering the welfare of a child at 7 p.m. Monday after police found him parked with the girl in the area around Lincoln Park.
there are some things parents can do to stay ahead of the curve. Detective Miller suggests “The worst thing you can do is let a kid camp out on the computer in his or her room and not know what they’re doing,”
Lt. Nick Bado also suggests parents look into monitoring software that can track who children are talking to and where they go on-line. Read More>>

More charges likely for Dorval man in teen internet luring - Quebec prosecutors say they are almost ready to file new child-predator charges involving more victims against Daniel Lesiewicz, a Dorval man accused of luring young girls over the internet.
Lesiewicz already faces 85 charges connected to threatening, extorting and corrupting the morals of 18 women as young as 13.
The 28-year-old West Island resident is accused of luring his alleged victims by surfing teen internet chat rooms, accessing their contact lists and pretending he knew them through an acquaintance, said prosecutor Cynthia Gyenizse.
He would then convince them to strip in front of a webcam, obtain the video, and attempt to "come back for more" through blackmail, she said.  ntact with a teenage girl he met through an Internet chat room.
Police said they found the man and the unidentified 16-year-old girl around 4:30 p.m. Thursday, standing outside a Chevrolet pickup.
The man told police the two had met online through a chat room on the Web site www.mocospace.com and had spoken via cell phone. He told police it was the second time he had visited the teen in Moon.  Read More>

New Jersey man faces 10 years for rape of girl, 13 - The attorney for a New Jersey man accused of engaging in sex acts with a 13-year-old Richlandtown girl hopes to broker a deal that will prevent his client from serving a state-mandated minimum of 10 years in jail.
Dimarsico’s attorney, Michael Parlow, said Wednesday his client had a consensual sexual relationship with the teen, whom the New Jersey man met in an Internet chat room.
The pervert told a detective he met the girl in an online chat room in January where she went by the screen name “problemcutie13.”
The man claimed the two would “talk dirty” on the Internet site and in text messages.

August, 2008

Cary man charged with indecent liberties, kidnapping - Police charged a Cary man today with abducting and making inappropriate sexual advances toward a 12-year-old Sanford boy he met over the Internet.
Sanford police talked with the child and learned that he met someone named “Dakota Hilton” on MySpace.
Investigators said the child was kidnapped after his family last saw him at 3:30 p.m.
The boy’s family became concerned when he had not returned home by 9 p.m. They learned later that evening that their son had been chatting with the man on MySpace.

Registered Sex Offender Lures out Teenage Girls in Online Chat room - Investigators say a Del Rey man and a partner used an Internet chat room to lure two girls back to a trailer where they drugged and raped the 15 year old. One of the men is already a registered sex offender and deputies warn this crime should be a reminder to parents to always monitor your kid's online activity.
"This is your typical horror story about young girls on a chat room, meeting people they talk to on a chat room and then being a victim of a crime," said Deputy Chris Curtice. Read More>>

MSN pervert “groomed” Cheltenham teenager – An Internet pervert who groomed and abused a Cheltenham teenager has been jailed for four years. Philip Hawkins, groomed the teenaged boy for sex over the internet and then regularly traveled 200 miles to abuse him in a hotel room.
Hawkins found his victim through an internet chat room when the boy was just 13 years old.
He then began to text him and talk to him through MSN - an online communication tool popular with youngsters
Judge Martin Picton said: “You groomed and corrupted a boy in his early teens - an age when so many boys and girls are vulnerable to corruption and the damage that can result therefrom.” “What you did was very serious. It went on for a considerable period of time - it was very deliberate.” Read More>>

Webcam pervert got girl, 12, to show him her body - A PREDATORY pedophile that targeted two teenage girls on the internet has been jailed for six years.
He “groomed” her over several months before trying to encourage her to perform a sexual act on a webcam.
Butcher of Longfield Road, Wickford, tried unsuccessfully to lure the girl into meeting him or giving him her address and phone number.
He did, however manage to persuade the girl to expose part of her body on a webcam. Read More>>

July, 2008

Internet Sex Case Brings 12-year Prison Sentence - In an emotionally charged hearing, an Austin, Texas, man who traveled to West Bend several times to have sex with a 15-year-old girl he met on the Internet, was sentenced Friday to 12 years in prison as the victim and the man's three children looked on.
According to a criminal complaint, Geyer and the girl met in an online chat room in February 2007, after which Geyer came to West Bend several times over the next three months, often meeting her at the West Bend Public Library and then going to a motel.
You, sir, are every parent's worst nightmare,” Judge Patrick J. Faragher told Richard F. Geyer, 44. “All of us have a bit of a monster within us. It is how you dealt with that monster that brings us here today. Now you realize how foolish and stupid you were.” Read More>>

Local Teen Meets Sex Offender On MySpace - Man Served 11 Years For Attempted Rape - It all started with chatting on MySpace. It seemed harmless enough at the time to a 15-year old girl who we'll call Tara .
She admitted a lot of girls her age try to meet people online, and the older man she met was paying her a lot of attention. Tara admits that at first she was pretending to be older. She claimed to be 20, even posted it on her MySpace page.
So Tara decided to walk to her local church, where she said Boehm picked her up in a van and took her to the local American Legion post parking lot, where they had sex.
Her mother said she had no idea it happened.
Detective Brian Fields said predators don't have to hide in the woods or on playgrounds anymore.
"If you have a child that's using a computer, you have got to know what they are doing," Read More>>

Paedophile locked up after Grooming Teenager for Sex - A PAEDOPHILE preyed on a 15-year-old girl after grooming her through Internet chat rooms.
Christopher Johnson, of Darlington , had sex with the girl and took indecent images of her after entering teen chat rooms last year.
He was jailed for two years after pleading guilty at Newcastle Crown Court to 15 sexual offences.
After using the Internet to make contact with this young girl, Johnson then travelled to North Tyneside from Darlington in order to have sex with this underage child.
Detective Constable Dave Kernaghan, of North Tyneside police, said: "This case ably demonstrates the dangers of chat rooms which are aimed at teenagers, but can easily be accessed by adults who use them deliberately as a means of finding young girls and grooming them for sexual purposes.” Read More>>

Man jailed over sex with internet teen - A 35-year-old Perth man has been jailed for having sex with a 14-year-old girl he met on the internet and persuaded to pose for explicit photos.
Anza had digital and oral sex with the teenager in a car and at a friend's home in October 2006, where they took the girl after he met her on an adult chat website.
The girl, who called herself sexy blonde 123, posted her age on the website as 20 years old. Read More>>

MySpace Link to Girl's Disappearance - Cops Fear Vt. 12-Year-Old May Have Gone To Meet Someone She Met Through the Online Social Site MySpace. - The search for a missing 12-year-old girl broadened Friday, as divers searched a lake, the FBI joined in and police investigators turned to officials at MySpace.Com, the online social networking site through which she had been communicating with an unknown person prior to her disappearance.
"This case is about a MySpace visitation," said Col. James Baker. "Our focus is on the communications Brooke may have had via that media."
A major focus of the investigation was centered on her online activities.
As we all know, warnings have gone out countless times, in this world that we live in today, there are folks that visit places, social networking spaces such as MySpace, whose intentions are not good. And they come from far away. Read More>>

June, 2008

NZ girl sent porn to get gaming points - A 12-year-old girl was persuaded to send 300 sexually explicit photos of her over the Internet in exchange for points on a gaming site. The girl's account had been hacked which resulted in the loss of her game credits. An anonymous game player who offered to restore the credits she had lost contacted her. In return, the girl was asked to send sexually explicit photographs of herself to the player. Over time, these requests become more graphic in nature.
Customs manager of investigations warned that parents needed to be aware of what their children were doing on the Internet. "Once images are on the web they are effectively there forever," he said. This could be your daughter! Find out what your kids are doing on the Internet. Read More>>

Man Charged With Sex With 13-Year-Old He Met On Chat Line - A statutory rape charge was bound to the Grand Jury on Monday against a 32-year-old Chattanooga man who allegedly had sexual contact with a 13-year-old girl he met on an Internet chat line.
The girl said she met Cahill via the Internet and he came over to her house.
Prosecutor Steve Smith called Cahill "every parent's nightmare." Read More>>

Where Can A Pedophile Find Their Next Victim? Try An Online Social Networking Venue - Go to a website, set up an account and create a profile. That is all that is required of a child in order to set up a MySpace account and is all that was needed for Kenneth Thomsa to find the four teen girls who he lured into bed and videotaped.
He used his MySpace account to meet the four young girls. He encouraged them to sneak out of their homes in the nighttime and come to his house, where they had sex. Read More>>

Area man indicted on molestation, porn charges - A federal grand jury indicted a 33-year-old Monrovia man Tuesday, claiming he seduced 10 teenage girls over the Internet, had sex with them and took pornographic photos of the girls.
Serrano allegedly used "social networking sites on the Internet to convince high school-age girls to have sex with him and pose for pornographic pictures,"
A Netlog profile apparently created by Serrano features a photograph of him wearing only a towel and lists 27 young girls as his online "friends." Twenty-three of them are minors.
Serrano claimed to be a 17-year-old student on the page and listed his hobbies as "photography and kissing." Read More>>

May, 2008

Five years' jail for under-age chat room sex - A Christchurch man's sexual contact with three Auckland girls, who lied about their ages on internet adult chat-rooms, has led to a five-year jail term imposed in Christchurch District Court today.
Two of the girls were aged 15 and one was aged only 12 and was wearing her intermediate school uniform when 57-year-old Lawrence John Davidson met her on the street after the internet contact.

Fake Web profiles helped seduce young girl, court told - A Melbourne man who lured an underage American girl into an online relationship asked her to join him in a suicide pact after police started investigating him, an Australian court heard. He pursued an online relationship with his victim, who lives in the United States with her parents, for the past three years, since she was 12 years old.
It is believed the defendant had accessed pornography sites and used images to create female social networking profiles on MySpace and Facebook internet sites, then used these profiles to encourage the victim to send sexually explicit images of herself to the defendant. Read More>>

Victim Shares Terrifying Tale of Internet Predator - "When I was 13 years old, I was lured away from my home by an internet predator," says Alicia Kozakiewicz.
"He just told me everything I wanted to hear and what I thought I needed to hear-- and he became my best friend," she explains.
After eight months chatting, she met her internet friend near her Pittsburgh , Pennsylvania home. He turned out to be a 38-year-old man.
"He took me to his home in Virginia and took me to his dungeon and held me captive. Read More>>

April, 2008

Teen helps police nab online predator - A local teenager helped police catch a Londonderry man who was trying to lure a young girl over the Internet for sex.
Police said Andrew Farrington, 21, was communicating with a 13-year-old girl over Facebook and MySpace for approximately two months.
Farrington had arranged to meet with the girl whom he had propositioned for sex, police said. Then the girl told her friend about the incident, who then set up a sting. Read More>>

Study: Kids put profiles on older sites - If the internet at its worst is a lair for child predators, child safety folks have the best of reasons to worry about social networking sites, where members are invited to post all sorts of revealing information about themselves.
Now they have even more reason to worry.
A just-released study reveals that a large numbers of 8- to 11-year-olds are flouting age restrictions and creating profile pages on sites meant for teenagers and young adults. Read More>>

Teacher jailed for preying on teenager on the web - A former primary school teacher was jailed for nearly three years today after admitting abusing a young girl via a webcam and downloading hundreds of indecent images of children.
The court heard how the pedophile, who worked at Minster Primary School for six years, swapped messages with a vulnerable teenager on an internet chat room, before enticing her into performing a degrading act in front of a web cam.

How one in four teenagers has met a stranger on the internet - A quarter of teenagers have met up with a stranger they got to know via the internet, a survey reveals.
Twenty-one per cent of girls and 28 per cent of boys put themselves at risk from paedophiles by meeting so-called "cyber friends" in person.
The figures, based on interviews with 15 to 16-year- olds, show youngsters routinely ignore warnings about the dangers of social networking on the Web.
The findings back up a report by Ofcom earlier this week which revealed parents are alarmingly ignorant of the danger posed to children by such sites. Read More>>

March, 2008

Mother warns others about Internet luring dangers - A mother of a 14-year-old girl who was allegedly abducted by a man three times her age is warning parents about the dangers of the Internet.
The mother says, "There are so many predators out there, and kids are so naïve. They will believe everything they're told on the Internet."
"It's very important for parents to try to and attempt to monitor their children's activities on the Internet to know who they're speaking with, what kind of chat rooms they're visiting," Const. Jeffrey Norman, of the Winnipeg Police Service said. Read More>>

Man groomed girls via chatrooms - A Man used internet chat rooms to meet underage girls before sexually assaulting some of them, police say.
The offences were allegedly committed against 13 girls aged between 12 and 17 years in various locations across NSW and the ACT, police say.
Police will allege the girls were contacted via internet chat rooms before the man arranged to meet some of them face-to-face. In some cases the girls were then sexually assaulted, police say.

Internet predator jailed 3 years - Red-faced and unwilling to make eye contact with anyone in the courtroom, Mark Bedford apologized on Friday to the underage girls - reportedly numbering in the hundreds - he fooled into performing degrading sexual acts in front of Internet cameras for his own sexual gratification.
He would take over personal Internet accounts and, using a high-pitched voice, adeptly impersonate girls to trick friends on their contact list into flashing their breasts. He captured the images and used them to blackmail girls as young as nine and 10. He was persistent and threatened physical harm if victims were defiant, court was told.
Judge Beaman noted that Mr. Bedford used his advanced knowledge of computer systems and targeted girls under 14. "He knew the acts were wrong, but remained oblivious to the harm they caused. Read More>>

Fort Wayne suspect braves storm to see teen - A Fort Wayne man drove about 260 miles "through a hell of a snowstorm" to meet a 14-year-old girl at an Ohio restaurant
Massillon is about 54 miles south of Cleveland and, like most of the Buckeye State , was pummeled by a storm that dumped between 12 and 24 inches of snow beginning Friday.
Pritchard had been communicating online with the 14-year-old girl a little more than a month, Massillon police Detective Bobby Grizzard said.
Pritchard was chatting with a 14-year-old girl, and Friday was to be the first in-person meeting.
The conversations were taking place in an online chat room, but Pritchard did not approach the girl through a Web site like MySpace.com. Read More>>

Man Charged With Posing As Teen Online, Molesting Girl - Many parents think their child will never fall victim to an online predator, but police said a southern Indiana girl befriended someone on MySpace she thought was a fellow teen. Now he's charged with child molestation.
Before Anthony Gardner, 22, was arrested Tuesday night, police said he spent time posing as a younger man and that he picked up a middle school student, took her home and molested her.
"I think probably there's a piece of her that's lost forever," said the victim's mother, who asked to be identified as Samantha. "Yeah, she lost all innocence." Read More>>

Former Teacher Pleads Guilty in Internet Predator Case - A former Johnson County teacher pleaded guilty Tuesday to using a computer to entice a minor to engage in sexual activity.
He admitted that he chatted with two minor girls via Web cam. He asked them to undress and show themselves to the camera, which they did. He saved the Web cam images to the hard drive of his computer. During that incident, he was posing as a boy named Ely.
A forensic examination of the computer revealed that it contained 1,890 images of child pornography and 34 videos of child pornography. Read More>>


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More Information

February, 2008

Police Arrest "MySpace" Predator - A Melbourne man was arrested after authorities say he sexually abused a 14-year-old girl he had met over the social networking site MySpace.
Authorities say he had met with the girl twice after contacting her online in late October. At their second meeting authorities say McGrew also sexually abused another teenage girl. Read More>>

Father-of-four jailed for grooming schoolgirl - A FATHER-of-four who groomed a 13-year-old Grantham schoolgirl over the internet before attempting to meet her for sex was today jailed for six years.
The man contacted the teenager through a chatroom and after two months of exchanging sexually explicit messages the pair arranged to meet in Grantham.
"There were many communications between them in which he brought up the question of sex and made sexually suggestive remarks to her."
Mr Alford said that Lowrey suggested to the girl that they have sex in the toilets at Grantham Hospital . Read More>>

Girl says she was coerced into sending photo - A 12-year-old girl says she was coerced and threatened into sending naked pictures of herself via the Internet.
Burleigh County Sheriff Pat Heinert said the girl and her family reported the incident on Wednesday.
Heinert said a family member of the girl discovered a digital photograph of the girl and questioned her about it. She said she had been in one chatroom and was coerced into going into a different chatroom.
She said she was then threatened to send naked photographs to the person with whom she was talking, Heinert said.
The girl said she does not know who she was talking to or who received the photographs, Heinert said. Read More>>

Chat room man held - A 28-YEAR-OLD man has been arrested for sexually grooming four young girls from Chippenham on the Internet.
The man is accused of grooming four girls, all between the ages of 12 and 14, on Internet chat rooms and asking them sexual questions.
"In this instance the children were contacted by an adult purporting to be a child. This is a serious offence.
"Chatrooms, instant messaging and social networking websites are becoming increasing popular for schoolchildren but they also attract some adults who take advantage of their curious nature."
Sergeant Steve Cox at Chippenham Police said: "We strongly recommend that parents do not allow their children to have computers in their bedrooms.
"It is also advisable that webcams are only installed where a parent can view the computer screen. Read More>>

January, 2008

Custodian Allegedly Assaults Girl He Met In Chat Room - A 20-year-old custodian for the Denver Museum of Nature and Science was arrested last week; accused of having sexual contact with a 12-year-old girl he had met through the social networking site, Mocospace.com.
They exchanged text messages and talked on the phone a few times before Sanchez-Castro drove to the girl's house in Golden and picked her up in his car, where he sexually assaulted her on two separate occasions, according to court documents.
Mocosopace.com is a chat room that is more widely used by teens than traditional chat rooms, because they can chat by text messaging with their cell phones, authorities said.
We have to remain diligent in trying to keep up with what kids are doing on the Internet as well as with trends online. Read More>>

Another MySpace Predator Caught Going After Children - On the same day MySpace and the attorneys general for 49 states announced an agreement that will allow parents to have their kids' email addresses blocked from the social networking site we get this tragic story out of Florida:
A Tampa man met two girls, aged 14 and 12, through MySpace and met up with them to have sex. After the 14-year-old confided in her parents about what happened, the police nabbed the pervert after he attempted a second meeting with the younger girl. Read More>> 

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