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Internet Safety

Features of the SniperSpy Computer Monitoring Program

The SniperSpy computer monitoring program allows you to view what your kids or spouse are doing on the computer from a remote location. There is no need to use the monitored computer to see the activity that has transpired. SniperSpy is also remotely deployable so you do not even need to touch the computer you want to monitor. SniperSpy makes computer monitoring easy. This product is cannot be run in stealth or invisible mode.

Your kids could be chatting to an Internet Predator or chatting to their friends on Facebook about drug use. They may even be chatting about you. If any of these things are happening, you can know about them instantly with this remote computer monitoring solution. You can be in another country and you will know. All you need is an Internet connection to see what your family is doing on the computer. SniperSpy has a innovative new technology that allows you to silently view all computer and Internet activity in real time. You can even send messages to the monitored computer. This is a handy feature if Junior is supposed to be doing homework or chores and you catch him chatting on Facebook you can send him a message telling him to get to work!

SniperSpy has a very intuitive user interface that allows you to monitor another computer with ease and they will never know. Of course, you can also have the program notify the user that the computer is being monitored. Sometimes just telling them is enough to keep them out of trouble. Here is a screenshot of the SniperSpy Main Online Control Panel.

The SniperSpy Online Control Panel

When you log into the SniperSpy Member Area you can choose a multitude of computer monitoring tasks. Here is where you can view all the websites visited, view desktop screenshots, see all of the keystrokes typed and see all of the chat conversations that have taken place on the monitored computer. Here is an example of an Instant Messenger Log that would allow you to view the entire transcript of any chat conversation.

The SniperSpy Instant Messenger Log

This next screenshot shows you all of the websites visited in any given period of time. If you want to expose the truth behind the lies, SniperSpy is all the help you will need.

View all Websites Visited

SniperSpy even allows you to view any files and folders that have been changed or deleted. This especially handy if you want to know if they were viewing indecent material and deleted it to cover their tracks.

View File and Folder Changes

The SniperSpy computer spy program will give you all of the details of almost any event that happens on the monitored PC. If you think your spouse is having an online affair, SniperSpy will let you know the truth. Maybe you just want to be a responsible parent and know what your kids are doing on the computer at all times, SniperSpy will let you know.

One of the main features the SniperSpy computer monitoring program has to offer is the live screen viewer. The live screen viewer allows you to silently watch what is happening on the monitored computer in real time. Your kids or spouse will never know that their every move on the computer is being watched and logged.

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