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Internet Safety

eBlaster Computer and Cell Phone Monitoring

Computer monitoring with eBlaster is as easy as checking your email. eBlaster emails you everything that is happening on the computer you are monitoring. You can find out instantly if your child is being aproached by an Internet predator or if an employee is wasting your time on the Internet. You have the right to know and eBlaster gives you the power to see exactly what is being done on the PC.

Know your teens and pre-teens are safe online, even if you’re thousands of miles away.  eBlaster records all of their computer and online activity, and then automatically sends easy-to-read reports of that activity to any email address you wish and as often as you like.  In addition, eBlaster immediately forwards you a copy of every chat, instant message and email your teenager sends or receives.  You’ll always be ‘in the know’ and able to quickly address any situation that could occur - no matter where you are.  

What’s more, it instantly warns you of potential danger to your child if an unsuitable word or phrase is used, and even allows you to block any website or person you feel is inappropriate.  Once the software is installed on the computer you wish to monitor, you can access your settings and modify them online via any standard web browser.  This makes it easy and convenient to use from anywhere.  With eBlaster installed, even if you’re always on the go, at work, or traveling – protecting your teen is as fast and simple as opening your email.

Time-sensitive events -- such as employee email transmission of company confidential information or a molester’s chat room advances directed toward your son or daughter -- require immediate action.
That’s why eBlaster employs Instant Notification to provide you with an EXACT copy of every email, chat, and instant message. Additionally, eBlaster features the ability to capture and forward key
words and phrases you determine are particularly sensitive and worthy of receiving as part of your
Instant Notification.

eBlaster now has optional remote Install if you do not have physical access to the computer you wish to monitor. After you install eBlaster, it will send you detailed activity reports of all Internet and PC activity directly to your email address

Here is a sample picture of the control panel:

The eBlaster Control Panel

It just doesn't get too much easier than that. It is a very intuitive interface that makes it easy for everybody to use, you don't have to be a computer professional to use eBlaster.

Parents: Protect Your Children From Online Dangers

Protecting your children is your primary concern. Would you let them speak on the phone for an hour with a complete stranger? Of course not. So, why would you let them chat online with a stranger without knowing the content of the conversation? With eBlaster, you will know the contentof ALL their chats and instant messages, whether you are at home, at work, or thousands of miles away. You'll be in a position to stop danger dead in its tracks long before it has a chance to cause real harm.
And, because eBlaster records emails, web sites visited, keystrokes typed and file-sharing activity,you'll get a head start if your child starts engaging in Internet activity you find inappropriate.

Employers: Clamp Down On Employee Internet Abuse Before It Strangles Your Business

Employee abuse of email, instant messaging and surfing porn, eBay, sports and news sites is costing companies like yours billions in lost productivity every year. Yet when employees know they are being closely monitored, they drastically reduce these activities that harm your business. You can't watch over them every minute -- but eBlaster
can, and send you immediate reports of all employee emails, chat conversations, instant messages, keywords/phrases, and logon/logoff as well as hourly or daily reports of web sites visited, keystrokes typed, applications launched, and peer-to-peer files shared.
And because finding out what your employees are up to is as easy as checking your email, you'll always be in control and in the loop, even if you are thousands of miles away from the main office.

Everyone: Monitor your Computer in Case it is Used by Others without your Permission

Do you suspect that co-workers or family members or others may be using your computer when you are not around, without your permission? Or do you allow others to use your computer when you are not around, but wonder whether they are using it appropriately? It is easy to find out with eBlaster. eBlaster only sends reports when your computer is being used, so if you see eBlaster reports from a timeframe you know YOU weren’t using the computer, you’ll know somebody else was using it. You’ll also be able to make sure that your computer isn’t being used in a manner you deem inappropriate.

eBlaster would be the right monitoring program for you if you absolutely, positively need to know exactly what your employees or family members are doing online -- even if you are thousands of miles away.

eBlaster Internet spy software is the ONLY software in the world that will capture their incoming and outgoing email, chats and instant messages - then immediately forward you an exact copy of the conversations.


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