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Internet Safety

What Spector Pro Records When You are Away!

What Spector Pro Records when you are away. This is an example of what Spector Pro could record on the monitored computer. Spector Pro just released the newest version. Times have changed and so has Spector Pro. Spector Pro monitors all MySpace and Facebook activity. Most teenagers have at least two MySpace pages, one for the parents to see and one for the rest of the world to see. Which one of your teenagers MySpace pages would you rather see on the Internet? Spector Pro will let you see everything your teenager does on the computer.

Spector Pro has a very easy to use interface to record everything your kids do on the computer. The computer monitoring program has a VCR or DVD type playback functionality which makes it easy to view everything that has happened online or offline. This is an example scenario of what Spector Pro records on the computer.

As you can see, Spector lets you know who logged into the computer and when they logged in. This is helpful if you have more than one child using the same computer.

Then they log into MySpace and post pictures and chat with their "friends". You can see which profiles they have visited, whom they chatted with and what kind of pictures they have posted on MySpace or FaceBook.

Spector Pro records both sides of all chat conversations and you could block Internet chat altogether if you choose.

Spector Pro also allows you to send instant alerts to you for immediate real-time notification if your teenager is discussing any of the keywords you want to be notified about. For example, if you set up a keyword for drugs or suicide, you would be notified immediately if that subject comes up in any chat or email conversation.

Spector Pro also allows you to see exactly what your child or spouse has been searching for on the Internet. The computer monitoring program will let you know if your teenager is playing games or watching inappropriate material on YouTube or any other of the video content sites that are available on the Internet. If you want to know what your teenager is doing on the Internet, Spector Pro will let you know!

See what your teenager does on the computer.  Monitor MySpace activity.

Know everything your teenagers and pre-teens do on the computer and Internet.  Spector Pro provides peace of mind for parents concerned about their teen’s computer and online activity.  With the ability to monitor, record and review DVR-like playback of what they do online, This computer monitoring software provides “Always On” protection for your teens.  Spector records emails, chats, instant messages, web site visits, programs used and all other activity, and even automatically captures actual screenshots that you can easily play back.

This is Spector for Windows the Professional version. Spector Pro has an advanced warning system that will inform you when a PC being monitored has been used in an inappropriate manner. Through the use of keywords and phrases that you specify, Spector Pro will be "on alert", emailing you an immediate and detailed report. Spector Pro also monitors Facebook activity!

Spector Pro


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