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Sexting News Archives

Up to 12 Penn-Trafford students might be charged in 'sexting' case - Penn Township police are preparing to file criminal charges against several Penn-Trafford High School students accused of distributing fully or partially nude photos.
Students who willingly snapped photos of themselves and texted them to others will be charged with a summary offense. Those who received the images and shared them with others will be charged with a misdemeanor, he said.
From what police can tell, the sharing of revealing photos, known as “sexting,” is “fairly common” among students, the chief said. The disturbing part in this case, he said, is that students were treating the photos like trading cards. Read More>>

Teenagers charged in sexting case - Three 17-year-old L’Anse Creuse High School North students have been charged with photographing a minor female engaged in a sex act and distributing the image on social media, the Macomb County Sheriff’s Office reports. Bonds were set at $100,000 personal bond for each.
According to the investigator’s report, sometime “around Thanksgiving,” four male teens went to the home of a 15-year-old female student in Macomb Township. While there, two of the male students engaged in a sexual act with the girl.
Investigators say a third male student took a photograph while one of the sexual acts was taking place. That student then sent the photo to others, and it was eventually posted on one of the defendant’s social media accounts. Read More>>

High School Students Face Charges After Suburban Sexting Scandal - Three high school students were arrested after an incident involving cyber bullying and a sexting scandal at a north suburban high school, police said.
The Gurnee Police Department said three freshman boys at Warren Township High School were arrested and may face charges of distributing child pornography after they allegedly texted an explicit photo of a freshman girl, which ultimately spread throughout the school's O’Plaine campus.
If the boys are charged and convicted in the incident, authorities say they may need to register as sex offenders.
“It can affect you lifelong, it’ll follow you around,” Read More>>

Teens could face felony charges for sexting cases at three local schools - Dozens of students at two metro Detroit schools are facing felony charges after circulating nude photos on their phones.
Each case could mean long-term consequences for the students.
More than 30 teens at Rochester Adams High School and Van Hoosen Middle School in Rochester Hills are under investigation for shooting, sharing or possessing underage images on their cell phones.
"These teenagers could be charged with possessing, manufacturing, distributing and receiving child pornography," Smith said. "These are 20-year felonies, seven-year felonies and four-year felonies.
"Very serious." Read More>>

Va. Teen Could Be Jailed for "Sexting" Girlfriend - A Virginia teen is facing two felony charges after he was caught sexting with his girlfriend.
If he's convicted, he could be forced to register as a sex offender and spend time in jail.
Trey Sims, 17, was charged with manufacturing and distributing child pornography in January, while exchanging texts with his then-girlfriend, who was 15 at the time. His iPhone and iPad were seized by police. Read More>>

'Sexting' incident at Desloge, Mo. school could lead to juvenile charges - Students are accused of spreading around nude photos of girls who attend the school through text messages.
Police say the children could face serious charges. School officials say about 12 students were involved in spreading the photos.
“Five to six young ladies texted nude pictures of themselves to some of the boys in the building,” said North St. Francois County School District Superintendent Dr. Yancy Poorman. “Those boys decided to, in some instances, share it with other members of their contact lists.”
Dr. Poorman said the children involved are 13 and 14 years old. Read More>>

Beachwood police, middle school investigating sexting between 11-year-old girl and 12-year-old boy - Detectives are investigating a sexting incident in which an 11-year-old Beachwood Middle School student sent nude photos of herself to a 12-year-old classmate.
The girl denied the accusations to police, but later admitted to her mother that she sent the boy photos and video.
Court records allege the boy and girl could be charged in Juvenile Court. Read More>>

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Sexting scandal has police involved in MA - A sexting scandal has erupted in Walpole, Massachusetts involving several students at the high school. The police and the school have opened investigations.
Walpole Schools Superintendent Lincoln D. Lynch III confirmed there have been several alleged cases of inappropriate texting among students.
Students tell WBZ-TV that a group of about 15 girls sent naked photos of themselves to boys and those pictures were widely shared.
"Every school does it. We just happen to be the one school that gets caught doing it," Brian Jackowski, a junior, told WBZ-TV. Read More>>

Canadian teen convicted of 'sexting' photos of boyfriend's ex - A Canadian teenage girl has been found guilty of distributing child pornography in connection with "sexting" pictures of her boyfriend's ex-girlfriend, the youth crown prosecutor for Victoria said Friday.
The British Columbia case of the then 16-year-old, who is not identified because she is a minor, is believed to be one of the first cases in Canada where a teenager has been convicted of child pornography charges related to "sexting."
Calling the case "precedent-setting," Fisher said the case should serve as a warning to teens about what they text and post online. Read More>>

Local sexting case involves dozens of teens, police say - Whitehall Police and State Police are investigating a widespread teen “sexting” case centered in Whitehall, in which officers have discovered that at least 20 underage girls sent sexually explicit photos to at least 30 boys, officials said.
Most of the students involved are Whitehall High School students, but police did find that some students at other area school districts had been sharing the photos as well, Whitehall Police Detective Frank Hunt said.
“The photos became like trading cards, they were sent all over in exchange for other photos,” Hunt said.
Whitehall Police Chief Matt Dickinson said criminal charges may be filed against some of those involved and the investigation is ongoing.
It is a felony to take, share or possess an explicit photo of a person who is younger than 17. Those over age 16 who were involved could be prosecuted as adults. Read More>>

Widespread Sexting Discovered Among San Diego Area Teens - Law enforcement officials advised parents Monday to strictly monitor their children's online activities in light of the discovery of widespread sexting among underage students in the San Diego area.
The San Diego Police Department and San Diego Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force have uncovered possession and distribution of sexually explicit images of girls who attend middle and high schools across the county, according to SDPD Lt. Chuck Kaye.
"At this point in the investigation, it appears that the girls sent their images to fellow students, who in turn passed them on to others," Kaye said. "The possession and distribution of this type of image is against the law and is child pornography." Read More>>

Sexting ends in charges against 15-year old Calgary boy - A 15-year old Calgary boy has been charged with criminal harassment and making child pornography following a CPS investigation into sexting messages a teenage girl received last month.
According to CPS, the texts were all sexual in nature and some included threatening comments.  The sexts all came from the same, unknown cellphone number.  The victim also received over 25 calls from the same number, but she did not answer the phone. Read More>>

Children as young as 10 are 'sexting', says study - Schoolchildren as young as 10 are routinely having sex and sending explicit pictures of themselves to classmates, a survey has revealed.
The findings show boys frequently send pictures of their genitals to female pupils and 12-year-old girls agree to boyfriends' demands to send revealing snaps of themselves or be pictured carrying out sex acts.
One schoolteacher questioned said pupils are so pressured into sending naked photos to each other that they trawl the internet looking at child pornography to find suitable images.
Ms Barry said: "I was gobsmacked when I asked a class of 13-year-olds if they had ever sent naked pictures of themselves and not a single hand did not go up. Read More>>

4 Students Suspended For Sexting - According to school officials 4 students have been suspended from Cedar Springs Middle School for sending sexually explicit texts. Police say that they were alerted on Monday after the school security officer heard about students having semi nude photos on their cell phones. Cedar Springs Police tell FOX 17 that it appears that those involved were taking photos of themselves to send to a friend. The Cedar Springs Police is investigating to see if any young adults are involved with receiving or distributing these underage photos. The investigation involves both female and male students, ages 12 to 14. Read More>>

Four girls, one boy face ‘sexting’ charges - Chief: “A lot of kids are doing it”. Four teenage girls are charged with sending nude photos of themselves to a teenage boy who is charged with having the photos on his iPod.
Sharpsville police Chief Keith A. Falasco said that four girls – three from Sharpsville High School and one from Jamestown High School – were charged for e-mailing nude photos of themselves to a boy from Sharpsville High.
The boy was charged for storing and viewing sexually explicit images of a minor older than 12. Read More>>

mSpy Mobile Monitoring

mSpy monitoring solution

The mSpy cell phone and computer monitoring programs gives you access to everything that your kids are doing on their devices making mSpy a very valuable tool to keep your kids safe while they are online. Unfortunately, there are people that want to hurt your kids online whether they are being bullied or groomed by an Internet predator.  They may be sexting on their smartphone doing irreversible damage to their reputation and possibly facing criminal charges for distributing inappropriate images online. mSpy can let you know what they are doing so you can circumvent any online activity that you deem inappropriate. Read more about mSpy here.

More Information 


Rockford middle schoolers suspended for sexting - With news of four East Rockford Middle School students suspended for sextingp rior to the holiday break, Shibler said the district had to become involved in a situation in which a 13-year-old girl texted a topless photo of herself to a boy. He said it became a discipline matter because it was being circulated among other students.
“Young people don’t understand the consequences of sexting,” said Shibler, who said it happened outside school hours on a weekend. “Any student, adolescent that engages in this is going to be paying the consequences far beyond being suspended from school.” Read More>>

Video: Teens Charged for Sexting Under New Pennsylvania Law - Two unidentified Salem Middle School students in Greensburg, Pennsylvania have been charged under the state's new sexting law, which bans teens from sending private text messages of a sexual nature.
Greensburg Police Detective Sgt. Henry Fontana told CBS Pittsburgh: “A 13-year-old girl took a photo. She was naked from the waist up, took a picture of herself and sent it to a 14-year-old boy at his request."
Under the new law, minors over the age of 12 charged for the first time will get a citation, but a second offense will result in a misdemeanor charge.
Felony child pornography laws could still apply, depending on the intent. Read More>>

Police looking into sexting claims at Region 8 high school - According to the police report, a high school student told a school resource officer that a student sent nude photos to several classmates.
"Pictures or text messages or anything that you send out, once it is gone, it is out of your control, and it is in other people's hands, and there's no getting it back," said Valley View High School Counselor Robyn Ford.
Police said depending on the ages of the students, people in possession of the photos and the teen that sent the pictures could face child pornography charges if the claims are true.
Ford said young people growing up during the digital age need to remember that their actions as teenagers can come back to haunt them later, and could follow them for life. Read More>>

Pa. man gets 20 years in teen sexting extortion - A Pittsburgh-area man will spend 20 years in federal prison on child pornography charges for sexting images he extorted from teens by using a young female relative's cell phone and Facebook identity.
The attorney for 44-year-old Russell Freed, of Brentwood, argued for leniency Monday.
Prosecutors said Fred contacted teen girls who were listed as contacts on his 21-year-old relative's discarded cell phone. Eventually, Freed extorted sexual pictures of the relative - even after she threatened suicide and confided about the extortion to him, not realizing he was behind it. Read More>>

Police investigated sexting case at Prairie Ridge - Authorities have investigated allegations that male students from Prairie Ridge High School electronically sent provocative photos of female students to friends, according to the Crystal Lake Police Department.
Four female and six male juveniles were involved in the sexting incident, according to Police Chief Dave Linder.
The girls sent sexually compromising photos by cell phone to the boys, Linder said. The boys later passed the photos along to friends through the Internet and text messaging. Read More>>

'Sexting' scandal at Midlothian High School - Seniors say it started with a freshman girl who texted an explicit photo to a boy, who then shared it with friends.
"You think you send it to someone you trust, and you can't trust anybody," said Hannah Sargent, a senior. "I don't know why you would want to do that."
Midlothian ISD confirmed to News 8 that it learned of the "sexting" message on Friday. The high school immediately suspended 12 students; two of them were placed in alternative education. Read More>>

Two Standley Lake High School Students Face Felony Charges In Sexting Case - Two teen students, ages 16 and 17, from Standley Lake High School in Westminster, Colo. are facing felony charges of sexually exploiting children for being involved in a sexting incident at the high school. The boys are accused of sharing a sexually explicit video that involved fellow underage students.
A video that showed some Standley Lake High School students performing a sexual act began to be passed around by students at the school.
The video was allegedly recorded by the older of the two boys charged, a junior at the school, who then passed the video around to other students including the 16-year-old being charged, who in turn also sent the video on to other students. Read More>>

Chaparral High School students suspected of sexting - At least four Chaparral High School students are suspected of distributing graphic photos of another student.
A school resource officer served a warrant to four unidentified juveniles Feb. 14 in Douglas County’s latest sexting case. However, no one was taken into custody and no charges have been filed.
Parents are sometimes unaware of the tools that can be used in sending inappropriate messages, including Skype and cell phones. The kids must consider the future ramifications of sexting, including charges that could follow them when applying for college or a job, Peitzmeier said.
“It’s something that could be with them forever. It’s kind of scary and sad”.  Read More>>

'Sexting' students taken offline - Some Innisfil high school students got caught in the act when a group of youths got busted with nude photos of other students.
South Simcoe police were called to Nantyr Shores Secondary School on Wednesday when faculty discovered a large group of male and female students were sending naked pictures to each other using the BlackBerry Messenger service (BBM).
"It's a concern and it's something parents need to be aware of and talk to their kids about," Sgt. Lisa Hunt said. "Some young, naive people get talked into doing things, like sending a picture and then they're obviously not knowing it's getting passed around, and it is."
Police say the photos were sent consensually between students, but Hunt said the effects can go far beyond the school's walls. Read More>>

Oak Creek police investigating middle school student accused of sexting - Police are investigating a middle school student accused of showing naked pictures of a girl to kids at school. And it's part of a growing problem.
Court documents say a 14-year old boy was showing off naked pictures of a 14-year-old girl on his cell phone. TODAY'S TMJ4 caught up with some parents and their reaction to the news might surprise you.
New documents from Milwaukee County Circuit Court describe an X-rated show-and-tell at the school. And now, a 14-year-old boy's cell phone is in police custody after students say he was using it to share naked pictures of a 14-year-old girl.
He claims she gave him the pictures. Read More>>

Sexting Scandal Started with Boys Sharing Ex-Girlfriend Photos - Nude pictures of Emmaus teens wound up on porn site.- An Emmaus High School sexting scandal started with boys sharing photos of ex-girlfriends, multiple sources have told Patch.
Some of the students involved did not show up for school on Monday, sources also said.
Police are investigating how nude photos of students wound up on an international porn Web site.
Students say they've known about the Web site for weeks and that the site is still active.
One student tweeted about how uncomfortable it is to walk around school knowing classmates have seen her naked. WFMZ reports that some students are bragging about being on the site while others are distraught.  Read More>>

'Sexting' youths placed on sex offenders register - VICTORIAN teenagers caught with raunchy images of girls sent to them via ''sexting'' have been charged with child pornography offences and placed on the sex offender register, ruining their career options and branding them for years.
In one case, an 18-year-old from country Victoria was sent by a female friend six unsolicited text message images of girls aged 15 to 18, topless or in underwear. When downloading other images and videos from his phone to his computer, the sexts were also transferred.
In the other case, a 17-year-old Melbourne youth and his girlfriend, also 17, filmed themselves having sex. After he turned 18, they broke up and he emailed two still images from the video to three friends, something he acknowledges was ''so stupid''. Read More>>

Two Florida teenagers arrested for sexting after girl sent boy photo of herself topless - A 15-year-old boy and girl have been arrested after teachers found that the girl had texted a topless photo of herself. The photo shows the 15-year-old girl posing in a mirror in her underwear holding her left breast.
Both were charged with transmission of pornography by electronic device and taken to Hernando County Jail before being released on bail.
The boy told the school that he had forwarded the photo to another boy on May 27 and was afraid to go to school after he had been threatened for spreading the photo.
At present, minors can be charged with felonies and sentenced as sex offenders if found guilty of sending nude or sexually explicit photos or videos to another minor using computers or cell phones. Read More>>

Teens nabbed for sexting - The Marquette County Prosecutor's office recently authorized four felony juvenile petitions to three individuals - two females and a male - following a monthlong sexting investigation by the Marquette City Police Department.
Two charges were levied: child sexually abusive material-possession, a four-year felony; and child sexually abusive activity-distributing or promoting, a seven-year felony.
The investigation focused on sexting - the act of sending sexually explicit messages or images through a mobile phone - among 13- and 14-year-olds who were sending provocative photos of themselves to other teenagers.  Read More>>

14-Year-Old High School Freshman Charged in Sexting Case - A 14-year-old high school freshman has been arrested in a sexting case. This new crime, which was spawned from the hyper communication of cellphones and the Internet, continues to be committed despite warnings by teachers, the media, and officials that sexting can lead to serious consequences.
The freshman decided to exact revenge on a former girlfriend who denied him sex. While erroneously thinking he was teaching her a lesson by posting nude photos of her on Facebook, he ended up with the short end of the stick. The boy was arrested on charges of possessing child pornography, since the girl in question was a minor.
The boy is currently being held at a Roswell-area juvenile detention center.  Read More>>

Schoolboys caught 'sexting' - A group of Rotorua teenagers have been counselled by police after inappropriate "sexting" messages were discovered on a boy's mobile phone.
It has prompted warnings for parents to remind their kids about the risks of technology and monitor the usage of Mobile phones and computers.
Sexting is sending sexually explicit messages, photos or videos via mobile phones. It's an issue on the rise around the world.
Some Australian teens reported exchanging naked images of themselves as they enter relationships - as a form of "insurance" to ensure they can retaliate if anything inappropriate is passed on about them.
A Rotorua police officer was called to investigate inappropriate images found on a schoolboy's mobile phone last month.  A teacher saw photographs on the device of what they believed to be girls under 16 in various states of undress.
The boy said they were local girls and he was not the only boy to have received their images. He claimed almost half a dozen boys in the city had seen them.  Read More>>

'Sexting' Could Land Verdigris Teens On Sex Offender List – Police in Verdigris are hauling teenagers into the police station to warn them that sending partially nude and totally nude photos of themselves to others is illegal and they can be arrested for it.
Detective Hester says what really worries him is the age these kids are starting sending these graphic photos, as young as 12 and 13 years old.
Plus, he worries about the social consequences of these photos coming back to haunt these kids in years to come. He says we all did stupid things as teenagers, but they weren't recorded.
"These younger kids, just don't understand how and when it can come back to affect their lives," he said. "They want to run for office or have a child, the thing pops up."
Police say it's a huge problem: kids taking pictures of themselves or each other, undressed and sending them to a boyfriend or girlfriend.
That alone is considered child porn. The problem is when a break-up happens and these pictures get spread to 300 or 400 people at a time and downloaded onto the internet, sometimes for revenge.
Then they spread to other countries and before you know it, that intimate picture meant for one is seen by millions and there's no way to get it back, no way to stop it, it's out there and accessible forever.  Read More>>

High school students called in over "sexting" incident - Some students were brought into Wells High School Principal Jim Daly and Vice Principal Eileen Sheehy's offices three weeks ago after naked pictures of at least one student were sent over a computer outside of school.
The issue was brought to light by a parent who contacted the Coast Star, who has asked to remain anonymous, using the pseudonym "Pat."
Pat said a 15-year-old boy was caught with photos of a naked WHS freshman girl on his iTouch, and the photo had circulated between at least five of his male friends.
Pat also said that after further discussing the matter with one of the children involved, at least four other girls were alleged by the teen to have sent naked pictures to boys over the school year.
Sheehy declined to comment on how many students were involved in the incident, but said it was a mix of boys and girls. She said those students were educated about the harms of sending naked photos of themselves or others, and informed that it is against the law if they are under 18.  Read More>>

One in four pupils admit swapping porn images of themselves by text message – A disturbing number of children – some as young as 11 – are taking pornographic images of themselves and swapping them with friends via text messages or the internet, experts warn.
A survey reveals that 40 per cent of 11- to 14-year-olds have used their mobile phones or computer to send pictures of themselves or receive naked or topless images of friends.
And more than half of youngsters who sent these images – a trend known as ‘sexting’ – did so knowing the pictures would be passed on to a number of recipients.
And four in ten of the 11,000 children surveyed thought it was ‘appropriate’ to circulate pictures of topless girls in their school.
Outraged parents have urged others to monitor their children’s mobile phones and internet use. The proportion of young children “sexting” is shocking. The driver of it is boys’ attitudes to online porn, which is now far too accessible. Read More>>

Boy of 14 accused of child pornography after convincing girl his age to send him sex text - A 14-year-old boy in Kentucky has been accused of child pornography in a federal court case set to make legal history.
The case in Kentucky involves the unnamed boy allegedly distributing a 10-second sexting video clip of a girl, also 14, that she made of herself.
The girl apparently had a crush on the boy, who said he would only befriend her if she made an intimate film of herself and sent it to him on her cell phone.
She sent it to him and, a few weeks later, a friend of the boy allegedly convinced him to transfer the cell phone video to his computer.
From there, it was a small step to uploading the clip on to the Internet.
The complaint said the video was 'received by students and was in many cases uploaded by the high school students to their iPods in order to share the sexually explicit video with as many students as possible'.  Read More>>

mSpy Mobile Monitoring

mSpy monitoring solution

The mSpy cell phone and computer monitoring programs gives you access to everything that your kids are doing on their devices making mSpy a very valuable tool to keep your kids safe while they are online. Unfortunately, there are people that want to hurt your kids online whether they are being bullied or groomed by an Internet predator.  They may be sexting on their smartphone doing irreversible damage to their reputation and possibly facing criminal charges for distributing inappropriate images online. mSpy can let you know what they are doing so you can circumvent any online activity that you deem inappropriate. Read more about mSpy here.

More Information 

Freeport parents react to widespread 'sexting' allegations - Parents in Freeport are looking for answers after an investigation into a possible sexual assault at a school uncovered a widespread "sexting" problem.
"I’m pretty concerned," said Gina Garcia, a parent. "I have a daughter in the seventh grade here and I’d like to know what’s going on." Phone monitoring could help.
What has so many parents concerned are lewd images found on cell phones—pictures of young girls that may have been forwarded to several students.
The sexting allegations sprang from a sexual misconduct investigation involving a female student and two 14-year-old boys. The boys told 11 News the girl and one of her friends had sent them nude photographs, and that dozens of other girls had shared similar pictures with other students.  Read More>> 

Sexting in the News from 2010

Mother catches teen sexting with older man - It's a parent's worst nightmare -- finding out their teen is sexting with someone more than twice their age.
It's a reality for a Chesterfield family. They caught their 15-year-old daughter texting a 43-year-old man and now her mother wants him behind bars.
The pair met online and knew they'd be in trouble if they were ever caught. The mother wants to warn all parents to watch what their children are doing online and who their text messaging.
She never thought her 15-year-old daughter, Cheyenne, would be guilty of sexting, and definitely not with a 43-year-old man from New York.
In the phone she found out that Daffy had nicknamed her daughter "Bunny" and had planned to take her virginity. Read More>>

Three teens added to sex offenders registry for relatively minor Sexting offense - A 14-year-old boy and two 13-year-old girls will spend the rest of their lives paying for a error of judgement made in their teens.
The Chinook Middle School students were formally charged Friday in juvenile court with felonies stemming from an incident in which they allegedly used their mobile phones to pass on nude photos of a 14-year-old girl.
Each of the three students involved have been charged with a single count of dealing in depictions of a minor engaged in sexually explicit conduct. It is a class C felony, and carries a maximum penalty of 30 days in juvenile detention.
However, anyone convicted of the offense is required to register as a sex offender, Read More>>

Middle school students suspended over sexting incident - Two Coweeman Middle School students will be suspended after sending explicit photos of themselves to each other using their cell phones, Kelso police said.
Police were called to the school Friday after a 13-year-old girl sent nude photos of herself to a boy, also 13. Police said the boy showed the photos to several of his friends.
The boy also sent text messages containing nude photos of himself to the girl, who then showed them to her friends, a police report said. Read More>>

Sexting News from 2009

Sexting and bullying leads to yet another teen suicide - Donna Witsell the mother of 13 year-old Hope Witsell appeared on the Today Show talking to Meredith Vieira about Hope’s suicide.
Just 11 weeks ago, Florida teen Hope Witsell took her life because she was being bullied and called a slut after she sexted her boyfriend with a topless picture of herself.
Not only did she get attention from her school, but that of a high school nearby. Her classmates bullied her incessantly to the point that Hope could no longer bare the torment. Read More>>

Sexting Probe at Bristol Middle School - At least four teenagers are suspected for passing around a naked photo of a Bristol Middle School student.
Bristol Police say an 8th grade girl, 14, took a photo of herself topless with her cell phone and then forwarded it on to a boy, who then sent it to several other students. It quickly spread around school, and now parents say they're both shocked and disappointed.
"It's very scary because my son has a cell phone," said Candice Sorenson. "I'm very shocked actually." Read More>>

Police Investigate Stillwater Teens for 'Sexting' - Police are investigating several Stillwater Junior High students in Stillwater accused of texting each other a partially nude photo of a fellow student.
Representative Anastasia Pittman said it's possible that the young teens could be convicted of child pornography for sending a nude photo of a peer because of the way Oklahoma's laws are written.
Statistics show 20 percent of teens admit to "sexting" or sending nude photos phone to phone. At Stillwater Junior High, 3 boys, ages 13 to14, are now accused of it.
"In today's society they need to know anything they do like that can stick with them for a lifetime," said Stillwater Police Captain Randy Dickerson. Read More>>

14-year-old faces kiddie porn charges for sexting nude photos of classmates - They call it sexting but police say it's serious.
There's debate in Milwaukee because a 14-year-old boy is facing child porn charges. Police say the boy threatened to spread rumors about the girls he targeted if they didn't send him nude and semi-nude pictures. They did.
 Police say they found 80 images from several girls on the 14-year-old's cell phone. One nude snapshot of a girl was found on hundreds of phones.
When you have 14-year-olds exchanging photos of sexually explicit activity involving 14-year-olds, that's child pornography Read More>>

'Sexting' teenagers face child-porn charges - After his former girlfriend taunted him, Phillip Alpert remembered the nude photos she e-mailed to him while they were dating.
He took revenge with an electronic blast — e-mailing the photos of the 16-year-old girl to more than 70 people, including her parents, grandparents and teachers.
Three days later, Alpert, then 18, was charged with transmitting child pornography. Today Alpert is serving five years of probation for the crime, and he is registered as a sex offender — a label he must carry at least until he is 43. Read More>>

View some alarming teenager Sexting Statistics Here.

Recent Sexting Stories in the News

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