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Internet Safety

Quotes from people affected by internet Predators

Cheyenne police officer John Gay - specializes in Internet crimes:
"MySpace is like the Super Wal-Mart for predators,"
He said parents should be involved and accessible in their children's lives and to know what's going on.
"It's just so important that you play an active role in your kid's life,"

A Judge after sentencing a 57-year-old Internet Predator
"I don't meant to place blame on the complainants and their families," said the judge. "It simply illustrates what has been in the media in recent times. There is comment that parents need to be vigilant about what their children are doing in computer chat rooms and the associations they might make in that medium."

A Detective for the Cyber Crimes Investigations Unit:
"The Internet is an uncharted world," Loyko said. "It's a world that parents don't know, but kids do. Parents would be shocked to see what goes on."

Father of a teen kidnapped by someone she met on the Internet:
"How it happened, God, I don't know how it happened, but it did,"
"People, y'all got to watch your children. You got to learn how to take care . . . a little better than we think we know how."
"Watch your children, folks, OK? My baby was in front of me on her computer. I mean in front of me. Not in her room," he said.

The father of a 14-year-old girl who was manipulated into a sexual relationship:
"The night he was arrested I felt unsafe in my own home for the first time ... that someone has entered your house but hasn't entered your house and knows pretty much everything about you,"

Quote from a Sheriff afer a rape:
“You may hear of this kind of thing on the news, but here we are in Ithaca, N.Y., and we have a guy who traveled from Brockton, Mass. to rape a girl,” Meskill said.
Meskill said this case is proof that sexual predators are out there and parents and children need to take care.
“I want people to take this to heart and pay attention to their kids, what they do on the Internet and especially who they talk to on the Internet,” Meskill said. “It's hard work, I know, but it's important to know who your kids are with.”

A Business Owner:
"It gives you goosebumps, it makes you sick," says Navarre business owner Michelle Picknell of Paradise Flea Market. She has a 14-year old daughter herself. "It's scary enough to know she's growning up much less to have predators out there."

A Sheriff:
"The behaviour of the accused has highlighted the kind of dangers that children are exposed to by new technology."

Police Lieutenanant:
He advises parents to keep home computers in open places, such as the living room. He tells them to randomly check the machine's Internet history and randomly check their children's Web pages. He also tells parents to talk with their children about the dangers.
"You never know who's on the other end of the keyboard," he said.

An Athletic Association President: - about a girls hockey coach
"These accusations are completely out of character for him,'' Rykken said. "Obviously, we're in shock. We've never seen or heard anything that would even suggest or give us any suspicion of this at all.''

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