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By Staff Reporters

A SPECIAL constable had sex with a 14-year-old Cumbrian girl he met on the internet.

The Constable, 25, of Curlew Walk, Kingfisher Park, Carlisle, lured the girl to his family home after meeting her during an internet chat session.

The Constable slept with the girl several times in June 2003 while his wife was away from their home off Warwick Road – until the 14-year-old’s mum became suspicious.

Today the Constable appeared before Carlisle magistrates and admitted unlawful intercourse with the girl.

Julia Bayly, prosecuting, said the Constable approached the girl, who is now 15, by sending her an instant message on the web.

She said: “She told him she was only 14.

“They engaged in conversation by email.

“He told her he was 20 and although he was married and still living with his wife, they did not share a matrimonial relationship.”

The Constable, who has since resigned as a special constable, asked the girl to spend a weekend with him while his wife was away.

The pair were later confronted by the girl’s mother who had become worried about her.

They then agreed to end the relationship.

Margaret Payne, defending, said the Constable had moved to the area in November 2002 and used the internet to make friends.

She said: “The girl’s internet profile said she was 17.

“If she had told him her real age he would never had got involved.

“There was nothing that alerted his attention to her age.

“A few weeks after they had an ‘honesty session’ where he explained the position with his wife. She in turn told him that she was 15 but would be 16 very shortly.

“If he had been thinking clearly he would have nothing else to do with the girl, but by that time they liked each other.”

Magistrates told the Constable they felt their powers were not sufficient to deal with his case and he will appear before Carlisle Crown Court on March 5.

He was given unconditional bail.

A Cumbria Police spokesman said it would be inappropriate to comment on the case before sentencing.


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