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Internet Chat Leads to Sexual Abuse of 11 Year Old Girl

By: Kate Scott

It's the latest example of how dangerous the Internet can be, especially for children.On Tuesday afternoon, Kentucky State Police arrested 19-year old Patrick Gordon of Falfurrias, Texas,after they say he used the web to prey on an 11-year old Lyon County girl. The two met online in an Internet chat room.

Police tracked Gordon down at the Kuttawa Days Inn, after they learned he'd come all the way from Texas and paid a visit to the 11-year old's school Tuesday morning. Allegedly, Gordon also made contact with the girl at her Eddyville home Monday night. Police aren't saying exactly what happened between the two, but charges indicate there was some sexual contact. Trooper Barry Meadows, with the Kentucky State Police, says its another reminder that kids aren't always safe while surfing the Internet. "We urge parents to monitor their kids while they're online, to see what they're looking at and who they're talking to," he tells Heartland News. "This case really hits home. It shows parents how dangerous the Internet really can be."

Gordon faces five criminal charges in all: one count of unlawful transaction with a minor, two counts of first degree sexual abuse, one count of use of a minor under sixteen in a sexual performance, and one count of distribution of obscene material to a minor. He's being held in the Caldwell County Jail.

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