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Teenage Sexting Statistics Revisited

A recent survey about sexting statistics enforces the sentiment that the sexting phenomenon just is not going to go away.  This is a serious problem for teenagers. Check the sexting news stories.  Teenagers have been jailed, given probation and the worst case was a suicide because the teenager could not deal with the consequences of the sexting incident. 

MTV partnered with the Associated Press on a study that provides an in depth look at the prevalence of digital abuse among young people today. This research was designed to quantify how young people are affected by and respond to issues like sexting, digital harassment and digital dating abuse,

In total 1,247 respondents, ages 14 to 24, were interviewed.

Here is a summary of the Sexting Statistics that were revealed.

30 Percent of young people report having been involved in some type of naked sexting.
Incidence overall is higher among young adults 18-24 with 33 percent than teenagers aged 14-17 with 24 percent..

29 Percent report receiving messages “with sexual words or images” by text or on the Internet.

1 in 10 has shared a naked image of themselves.

13 Percent of females are slightly more likely to have shared a naked photo or video of themselves than males doing it only 9 percent.

Those who have shared a naked photo or video mostly report that they initially sent the photo to a significant other or romantic interest. However, 29 percent of those who have sent sexts report sending them to people they only know online and have never met in person.

24 Percent sexted to people they wanted to date or hook up with.
While females are more likely to share naked photos or videos of themselves, males are more likely to report receiving a naked photo or video of someone else that has been passed around.

61 Percent of those who have sent a naked photo or video of themselves have been pressured by someone else to do so at least once.

17 Percent of the sexting recipients report that they have passed the images along to someone else.

55 Percent of those who passed the images to someone else say they shared them with more than one person.

The most popular reasons given for forwarding sexts include the assumption that others would want to see them (52%), a desire to show off (35%), and boredom (26%).

30 Percent of teenagers also report that they have used sexting as joke or to be funny.

14 Percent of young people who have shared a naked photo or video of themselves suspect that the recipient probably shared the image with someone else without permission.

May be time to start monitoring their mobile phone use.  

mSpy Mobile Monitoring

mSpy monitoring solution

The mSpy cell phone and computer monitoring programs gives you access to everything that your kids are doing on their devices making mSpy a very valuable tool to keep your kids safe while they are online. Unfortunately, there are people that want to hurt your kids online whether they are being bullied or groomed by an Internet predator.  They may be sexting on their smartphone doing irreversible damage to their reputation and possibly facing criminal charges for distributing inappropriate images online. mSpy can let you know what they are doing so you can circumvent any online activity that you deem inappropriate. Read more about mSpy here.

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