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One Teenagers Internet Nightmare

Jake hears someone coming up the stairs. He thinks it's probably his father. Thinking very quickly, as usual, he types a quick couple letters in his Instant Messenger.

He types "brb" then minimizes IM and maximizes the Encyclopedia Britannica page he had left open in the system tray. As Jake looks like he is in deep concentration, his father says, "How's the homework going son?"

"Great dad, this new computer you got me really helps. We are studying the Presidents in history class and this encyclopedia page tells everything I need to know about them. You want to see?" Jake replies.
Jakes dad says, "No Jake, you just go ahead and get on with your homework. You can tell me about what you are learning at dinnertime."

As his father is walking down the stairs, Jake has one thought; "clueless" and opens his Instant Messenger looking to chat with SexyChick09123 again. Jake thinks that if his father only knew that he was chatting instead of doing homework he would be very angry.

He'd probably take the computer right away if he knew he was chatting with someone he had never met in person. Jake is infatuated with her. She was not online anymore. She usually signs off pretty quick when Jake tells her that his parents are watching or that he will be right back. Oh well, he thinks, I'll catch up with her later.

He was going to chat with a couple of his other buddies but he just couldn't stop thinking about SexyChick09123. He opened up the last picture she sent him. Wow was she hot. None of the girls at his school even compared to SexyChick09123. They first met in a one of the Yahoo teen chat rooms about 6 months ago. They have had some very interesting chat conversations in those months. They chat about things that he would never think about talking about to someone in person. She has been hinting that she wants to meet him face to face. Jake is very excited about the prospect of actually meeting her in person but he is also cautious.

He hasn't told her exactly where he lives but he knows that if she is smart enough she could figure it out by some of the chat conversations they have had through the months. She made him tell her what state he lived in before she would send Jake her picture. Jake gave in and told her. SexyChick09123 said that she lives somewhere in New York too but it's a pretty big state. How would they actually get together without his parents knowing, how would she be able to do the same? After all, she is only 2 years older than him so she can't have a license yet. Jake's computer makes the noise it makes when one of his buddy's sign on.

SexyChick09123: did jakypoos daddy go
J8k-~726: GFN PITA
SexyChick09123: lol
J8k-~726: wish hede leve me alone
SexyChick09123: me 2
J8k-~726: what up
SexyChick09123: I wanna meet F2F
J8k-~726: how
SexyChick09123: let me figure that 1 out
J8k-~726: my dad wud kill me
SexyChick09123: tell me where you live
J8k-~726: cant
SexyChick09123: Ill send ya another pic
J8k-~726: cant
SexyChick09123: a better pic
J8k-~726: I better not
SexyChick09123: pics OTW
J8k-~726: OMG
SexyChick09123: you ok
J8k-~726: you don't have any clothes on
SexyChick09123: wanna meet
J8k-~726: yesssssssss
SexyChick09123: where you at
J8k-~726: I live in ……………..

Later in the evening as he was lying a wake in bed, Jake was thinking about that last chat conversation with SexyChick09123. He knew he wouldn't get much sleep on that night. I told her where I lived, he thought. My father would kill me. If I didn't tell her then I would never be able to see her. Then when she sent me that last picture of her, he just had to meet her. There was no choice. She will let him know tomorrow afternoon how they will meet. On that thought, Jake fell into an uneasy sleep.


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