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Example of an IRS Phishing Scam

It is tax time again. Along with paying taxes, the phishing swindles have started. We received an official looking email supposedly from the IRS. It is an unprofessional phishing job but we still have to be on alert for the phishing scams. Unsuspecting people may think that it is a real email from the IRS. There are a few clues on this one that alerted me instantly. That is not my name and I know that the IRS will not send out an email telling you about a refund. Especially not with a link supposedly leading to the IRS website.

After deciphering the "Click Here" link, we found that it does not lead you to the IRS website. For obvious reasons, we did not click the link. We did find that it leads to a website that appears to be the official IRS website asking you to fill out all of your personal and financial information. If anybody were to fill out the form, their identities would be stolen. Identity thieves are everywhere. Be careful out there!

Here is the latest IRS Phishing scam going around the Internet.

An IRS Phishing Email




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