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Internet Safety

Find out what your kids are doing on the Internet with SpyBuddy

The ExploreAnywhere Software SpyBuddy 2012contains a set of the most popular, award winning computer monitoring and restriction utilities and applications available to date. Parental Control Suite includes SpyBuddy, the number one solution for total PC monitoring, WebMail Spy, the only solution available today that gives you access to monitoring web-based e-mail (such as HotMail and Yahoo! Mail) as well as all AOL e-mail, and ChatBlocker, the application of choice by many administrators and parents alike that gives you the ability to monitor, restrict, and moderate all chat sessions on your PC.

The Parental Control Suite is one of the slickest and easiest to use programs that we have tested. Here is how it looks.

Ideally, all parents should know how to monitor their children's Internet usage, but they often have no idea how to do so. Parents are also dangerously unaware of what their children are actually doing online. A recent survey suggested that more than half the 9-19 year olds who go online have been exposed to pornographic material - but only one in six parents was aware that their child had ever seen such images. Some other statistics that should make all parents want to monitor children's Internet usage include:

  • 20% of the estimated 24 million children now online have been solicited for sex by an Internet Predator in the last year
  • 25% of children have received pornographic images in the mail, and a tenth of these were were sent by someone the child already knows
  • Teens between the ages of 12 and 17 spend an average of 25 minutes each day with instant messaging applications, but often have no way of knowing who they're actually talking to - What a Nightmare!

With a Parental Control Suite you can:

  • Monitor and track all PC and Internet activity!
  • Restrict, Record, and Moderate Online Chatting!
  • Monitor all AOL and web-based e-mail messages viewed.
  • And more

Recent surveys on Internet usage suggest that a wide generation gap is opening up between parents and children. In the US, nearly 50% of all children have access to the Internet from home. Of children over the age of eight, one in five has a computer in their own bedroom. Growing up with the Internet means that these children are quite comfortable and knowledgeable about the web and how it works - but that doesn't mean that they are prepared for everything that they might encounter.

Child Internet safety is an enormously important issue, but how well is it actually being handled? Do you know what your kids are doing while they are on the internet? Do you want to know if they are chatting with an Internet Predator before it's too late?

The ExploreAnywhere Parental Control Suite can be purchased for over $30 cheaper than it would cost to purchase the products separately.

Want some more reasons to use the Parental Control Suite to monitor your kids online activities? Read some of the recent stories about Internet Predators in the news.

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