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Here is a list of the more popular Emoticons used in Chat and Email.

What is the Smiley Symbol? The Smiley Emoticon :-) turned 30-years-old in September of 2012. The first time it was used to convey a smile was at 11:44 a.m. on September 19, 1982.

Carnegie Mellon University professor Scott E. Fahlman says, he was the first to use three keystrokes -- a colon followed by a hyphen and a parenthesis -- as a horizontal "smiley face" in a computer message.

Fahlman posted the emoticon in a message to an online electronic bulletin board during a discussion about the limits of online humor and how to denote comments meant to be taken lightly.

After the Smiley symbol many more emoticons started popping up on the Internet through the years. We have put together many of them here.

Here is a little help for you to translate some of the Internet chat lingo your kids may be using.

:-| Ambivalent
o:-) Angelic
>:-( Angry
|-I Asleep
(::()::) Bandaide
:-{} Blowing a Kiss
\-o Bored
:-c Bummed Out
|C| Can of Coke
|P| Can of Pepsi
:( ) Can't Stop Talking
:*) Clowning
:' Crying
:'-) Crying with Joy
:'-( Crying Sadly
:-9 Delicious, Yummy
:-> Devilish
;-> Devilish Wink
:P Disgusted (sticking out tongue)
:*) Drunk
:-6 Exhausted, Wiped Out
:( Frown
\~/ Full Glass
\_/ Glass (drink)
^5 High Five
(((((name)))) Hug (cyber hug)
(( )):** Hugs and Kisses
:-I Indifferent
:-)*(-: Kiss
:-# Lips are Sealed
:~/ Mixed Up
:-O Mouth Open (Surprised)
(_) Mug (coffee, beer)
@[_]~~ Mug of HOT Coffee or Tea
**** Popcorn
&&&& Pretzels
@--)--)(-- Rose
---/--@ Rose
:-@ Screaming
:O Shocked
:) Smile
^ Thumbs Up
:-& Tongue Tied
:-\ Undecided
;) Wink
|-O Yawning

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