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Internet Chat News Archives from 2013

Police hunt Internet pervert - Police are hunting a sexual predator who abused three Wigan schoolgirls online. The stranger persuaded the three youngsters, who are aged 11, 12 and 13, to expose themselves to him – after he had done the same – while talking to them in a chatroom.
Inquiries have established that the three were in the chatroom while together at a house in the Stubshaw Cross area on an earlier date when they began chatting to a man believed to be in his early 20s.
He exposed himself to the girls and asked them to do the same, which they did. Read More>>

Police: 14-year-old stabbed to death by older boyfriend she met online - A 14-year-old girl who was found stabbed to death in woods outside Berlin was allegedly killed by her older boyfriend who she met online, police said.
Police said they found the suspect, identified as Maurice M., on a nearby train track and arrested him. He had a suicide note in his pocket, The Local.de said.
The pair met in a German Internet chat room, Jappy, in May.
During the weekend, Maurice, 20, traveled 372 miles to meet the girl in person for the first time. Read More>>

Sex predator used Facebook to abuse two girls aged 13 - Ongira Mupofu has been locked up for three years after having sex with a 13-year-old virgin and trying to get another victim to send him an obscene picture of her over the internet.
A court heard jobless Ongira Mupofu had sex with a 13-year-old virgin and tried to get another victim to send him an obscene picture of her over the internet.
Sarah Slater, prosecuting, said the first 13-year-old girl began to add friends to her Facebook account. Mupofu was among them and the pair contacted each other.
"He started to ask if they had met and was sending messages calling her 'babe', putting kisses on the messages. He started to ask if she had sexual intercourse. She said she had not as she was under 16. She said she was 14," Miss Slater told the court.
The girl sent an explicit photograph of herself on January 29 and he replied with messages. Read More>>

Prolific predator 'posed as Bieber' - A case involving a prolific paedophile who often posed as pop star Justin Bieber to target young girls all over the world via the internet has been branded one of the worst ever seen by the courts.
For at least three years, he used social networking sites including Facebook, MSN and Skype to prey on children as young as nine from across the UK, Europe, Asia and the US.
"On each occasion, he was able to disguise his true age and identity by the clever use of images of young boys or by pretending that his computer wasn't working properly," prosecutor Richard Bennett told Teesside Crown Court.
"As a further demonstration of the naïveté and innocence of his victims, he was also able to persuade some that he was the music artist Justin Bieber.
"He did this in order to dupe and encourage these young girls to strip on webcams and perform sex acts for him." It's a warning to all parents of teenage children of what can be done via the internet. See what they are doing on the Internet. Read More>>

Predator used Facebook in bid to lure girl of 12 for sex - A 23-YEAR-OLD man groomed a girl of 12 on Facebook, sending her lewd messages and a photograph in a bid to get her to meet for sex.
Matthew Draycott, who admitted inciting a girl under the age of 13 to engage in sexual activity, has been jailed for two years.
Draycott asked the girl to meet up on a number of occasions for sex, including in a park and at a bus stop.
She agreed but never turned up, Derby Crown Court was told. Read More>>

Police accuse Alverton man of texting girl - A 22-year-old Westmoreland County man has been arrested for allegedly sexting a 14-year-old girl over a three-month period, police said.
Jesse Ray Geyer of Route 981, Alverton, was arraigned Wednesday on charges of corruption of minors, dissemination of sexual materials with a minor, possession of child pornography, unlawful contact with a minor and distribution of obscene materials.
In court documents, Scottdale Police Officer Thomas Mortimer said that between January and March of this year, Geyer sent numerous sexual photographs of himself to the girl.
Mortimer said Geyer also sent her messages about sexual acts. Read More>>

Facebook predator jailed for six years - A man who lured young women for sex by posing on Facebook as a photographer has been imprisoned for six years. Alejandro Gonzalez Mendez, 37, was today sentenced at the Wellington District Court for charges relating to sexual connection with a young person.
The charges stem from an 18-month period beginning in April 2010, in which used a variety of techniques to instigate meetings with 10 victims aged between 12 and 15. Read More>>

Boy says he was sexually assaulted by Monument man he met in online chat room - A 19-year-old from Monument was arrested Tuesday, accused of sexually assaulting a 14-year-old boy he had met online.
The 14-year-old told police he met a man he had known as "Zach" on an Internet chat site.
The boy said he had been chatting with the man for some time and on Monday, the boy told Zach where he lived.
The boy said later that afternoon, Zach arrived at his home and eventually sexually assaulted him, the Arapahoe County Sheriff's Office said. Read More>>

Man jailed for grooming girl on Facebook - A 'SEXUAL predator' has been jailed for two years after grooming a teenage girl on Facebook.
Richard Bragger, of Astley Close, Woodrow, was given the sentence at Worcester Crown Court on Monday (July 15) after pleading guilty to causing or inciting a girl to engage in sexual activity.
The 41-year-old formed a relationship with the 14-year-old through the social networking site, where he had regular intimate conversations with her.
Det Con Matt Skelton, of West Mercia Police’s Child Protection Unit, said Bragger was fully aware the victim was only 14.
"Unfortunately social networking sites such as Facebook give sexual predators a new and easy way of targeting young people without necessarily having direct physical contact with them," he said. Read More>>

Paedophile who judge refused to ban from using Facebook after sex assault conviction faces jail for targeting young boys online - A paedophile who was allowed to continue using Facebook despite being convicted of sex crimes is facing jail for targeting young boys online.
Callum Evans, 21, from Queen Camel, near Yeovil, Somerset, posed as a girl on the social networking site to encourage victims to send him naked photos before meeting up with two 14-year-old boys and molesting them. 
Two years ago a judge allowed him to walk free from court with a three-year community order for the offences - but did not ban him from Facebook. Read More>>

Net predator lures girls with massage ruse - A sex predator lured two underage girls into his clutches by posing as a masseur who needed "feedback" on his technique.
Emmanuel Lim Chin Pin, 22, contacted hundreds of youngsters on Facebook, offering them the $25-an-hour "job". The two victims responded.
After massaging the girls, aged 13 and 14, he sexually assaulted them - in one case, asking for money by threatening to reveal details of their encounters.
On Thursday, he pleaded guilty to nine charges including sex with a minor and criminal intimidation. Deputy Public Prosecutor Nicholas Khoo said Lim began sending out Facebook messages last April offering girls part-time jobs involving a "survey".
When the 14-year-old victim responded, he told her it involved getting a massage and providing feedback. She accepted the job, thinking it would be easy.
But after taking her to his flat and asking her to lie down, he unhooked her bra and sexually abused her. Read More>>

Alleged Facebook predator charged - A New Albany teenager has been charged with four child sex-related felonies.
Blake Trusty, 18, of 1115 1/2 Vincennes St., is believed by New Albany Police Department officials to have had communication via Facebook with three 13-year-old boys for purposes of sexual gratification.
Trusty attempted to “arrange a private meeting with [the child] so they can talk and touch each other,” “During the [Facebook] conversation, Blake Trusty states that he wants to have sex with [the child],” according to the affidavit. Read More>>

Man, 27, accused of sexting, having sex with 14-year-old boy - A 27-year-old Vandergrift man is facing several charges after police said he admitted to exchanging sexually oriented text messages with a 14-year-old boy before eventually having sex with him.
Authorities said Todd James Fusillo is facing charges of involuntary deviate sexual intercourse, indecent assault and others. Police said a text message on the boy’s phone from Fusillo offered him $100 to stay overnight at his house. Read More>>

Predator groomed girl (14) for sex acts after 'meeting' on Facebook - A 42-year-old father of four has been jailed for nine years for grooming a 14-year-old girl for sex after he had made contact with her through Facebook.
Donnelly had pleaded guilty to the sexual exploitation of a minor on dates between August 1 and September 29 in 2010 at a previous court hearing.
The court heard that Donnelly groomed the 14-year-old for sexual acts over an eight-week period in 2010 during which he had sent her over 3,600 text messages. Read More>>

Judge warns of internet dangers after schoolgirl, 13, is victim of sex attacks by two separate men she met online - A vulnerable schoolgirl was groomed and abused by two paedophiles who she met separately on a social media website, a court has heard.
The victim was so traumatised after being repeatedly raped by one sex attacker that she willingly submitted when another pervert approached her online.
The two men, Gary Dickinson, 31, and James Walker, 30,  have been jailed but the disturbing case has once again called into question the use of social networking sites for grooming children.
The paedophiles used the chatroom Bebo to contact the child, whose parents only became aware of what was going on when an indecent image was found on her mobile phone. Read More>>

Man charged with sexually assaulting Orange 13-year-old after Internet chat - A Farmington man faces a battery of sex charges after state police say he lured an Orange County 13-year-old into a relationship using the Internet.
Troopers say Arthur Bielewicz Jr., 51, posed as a 30-year-old male and befriended the teen on the Internet, beginning an online friendship. He then later drove to Orange County where he met the juvenile and then took the teen to a secluded park where he forced the victim to have sexual contact with him. Read More>>

Facebook predator accused in court - A Facebook user accused of creating a fake profile to sexually groom young girls has appeared in court.
Police say the 20-year-old from Hutt Valley operated under the alias of Nick Davis.
The man used the name and look of a fictitious steel worker to attract young girls.
“Photos have been taken from the internet and he has gone about targeting young females with a view to communicating with them for sexual purposes,” says Detective Sergeant Christiaan Barnard.
The 20-year-old was charged in relation to two 11-year-olds. Read More>>

Feds arrest man who admitted 'sexting' relationship with girl, 11 - Affidavit says Njeazeh Roderique Ambeabet, girl exchanged photographs through texts
Federal agents Friday arrested a Lubbock man on a felony complaint of attempting to entice an 11-year-old girl to have sex with him.
Njeazeh Roderique Ambeabet, 24, was booked into Lubbock County Detention Center at about 5 p.m. Friday, after admitting to a Federal Bureau of Investigation agent earlier in the day he had “engaged in a texting relationship” with the girl.
According to Special Agent Keith Quigley’s affidavit, the girl sent a picture of her pubic area to his cellphone at his request. Read More>>

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The mSpy cell phone and computer monitoring programs gives you access to everything that your kids are doing on their devices making mSpy a very valuable tool to keep your kids safe while they are online. Unfortunately, there are people that want to hurt your kids online whether they are being bullied or groomed by an Internet predator.  They may be sexting on their smartphone doing irreversible damage to their reputation and possibly facing criminal charges for distributing inappropriate images online. mSpy can let you know what they are doing so you can circumvent any online activity that you deem inappropriate. Read more about mSpy here.

More Information 

Facebook Sexual Predator: Teacher Lured In Boys Using Social Networking - Public school teach Zachary Reeder, 30, has been arrested on suspicion of lewd conduct with a child, child annoyance, and possession and distribution of child pornography.
The Orange County high school teach used Facebook to lure in young male students while asking for nude photos.
The school teacher targeted boys as young as 14-years-old, convincing them to send sexually graphic photography over the internet. Read More>>

Child Predator is Sentenced to 35 Years in Prison for His Massive Online Sextortion Scheme - Christopher Patrick Gunn, age 31, of Montgomery, Alabama, was sentenced by United States District Judge Mark Fuller to 35 years in prison for producing child pornography in connection with an online sextortion scheme that spans the globe, United States Attorney George L Beck, Jr announced. Because there is no parole in the federal system, Gunn will serve a minimum of 30 years in the federal penitentiary. Over a period of more than two years, Gunn repeatedly used computers, chat rooms, and other social media outlets to threaten hundreds of young girls, ages 9 to 16, located throughout the United States and internationally. Gunn used those threats to pressure a number of the children and teenagers to produce elicit and pornographic material of themselves. Read More>>

Police arrest child sexual predator, seek other possible victims - Tucson Police Department responded to a house after a 911 call by a mother who discovered that her 11-year-old daughter was interacting inappropriately with an unknown adult male through Facebook. The interaction included graphic pictures and sexual conversation between the two. Detectives from the Tucson Police Family and Youth Services Section continued the investigation.
The suspect had attempted to arrange a personal meeting with the 11-year-old to have sex. He also wanted to videotape it and attempted to pursue her with money. On Jan. 3, the suspect arranged the meeting with the minor female. Read More>>

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