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Internet Safety

Internet Predator Chat Nightmares of 2007

December, 2007

Internet linked to assault charges: Former Port City man arrested - A former resident was arrested Friday for allegedly using the popular website MySpace to lure an underage girl into having sex with him on three separate occasions, according to police.
The charges allege Smith used a computer while he was living in Portsmouth to communicate with and solicit sex from the minor. Two of the sexual assault charges are believed to have occurred in Epping, the third in Portsmouth. Read More>>

Pervert jailed for preying on young girls - A SEX menace who used the internet to prey on teenage girls was behind bars last night.
Robin David Blewett was finally caught after he lured a 16-year-old girl, from York , into his home.
An inquiry found a further four teenage victims and catalogue of more than two million pornographic photographs and child abuse images on computers and discs in his home.
The inquiry also revealed he had used the internet to compile a database of more than 500 named teenage girls.
After Blewett was sentenced, Detective Chief Inspector Neil Thewsey described him as a systematic and predatory sex offender, who posed a very serious risk to teenage girls throughout the country.
He urged parents to keep a watchful eye on their children's internet usage, adding: "It is extremely disturbing to think that the girls involved in the investigation were approached by this perverted man while sat in their own homes. Read More>>

MySpace Leads Channel 4 To Some Teens' Homes - Parents Urged To Check Kids' Web Pages
From teens running away, to sexual predators on the prowl, most people have heard of some of the dangers that have been linked to popular networking Web site MySpace.
While some youngsters might think they're not posting much personal information, Channel 4 reporter Laura Mazzeo learned a startling reality -- it doesn't take much to learn who is behind the profile and where to find that person.
Mazzeo spent just a few hours looking at Web pages open to anyone on MySpace. She reported all she needed was a full name and a hometown to find some local teens.

This is just scary.

MySpace and Skype have just announced a new instant message service called MySpaceIM. This new instant messenger client will allow MySpace users to talk directly with other users. If these internet predators can successfully groom your children using just a keyboard, think of what they will be able to accomplish with direct voice communication. MySpaceIM with Skype will enable millions of users to place free internet Skype calls to other MySpace or Skype users.

The joining of MySpace and Skype will allow Internet predators to talk to your children for free. The service will use the same privacy settings that the MySpace account uses, meaning the user has a choice to talk to the person or not.

They have that choice with regular MySpace chat too. If you read the news, you would know that the privacy choice does not work very well because kids constantly are groomed through the MySpace service.

Hopefully we won’t see a news story posted here involving MySpaceIM but I have a really bad feeling about this one.

November, 2007

Military police major in custody for raping minor - A military police major was placed under custody yesterday, awaiting a court martial for raping a minor he had befriended through an Internet chat room.
A Military Police Command spokesman said Chen Chien-wei, 31, is now under detention on charges of sexually molesting an unidentified 12-year-old girl. Read More>>

Chatroom Teacher Had Sex With Boy, 14 - A PERVERT teacher had sex with a boy of 14 after meeting him in an internet chatroom.
James Moyes, 32, bedded the teenager, who can't be named for legal reasons, after an afternoon at the cinema.
The teenager and Moyes exchanged emails before meeting up on July 14. The youngster left home in the morning with a change of clothing, saying he was off to meet a friend.
His mother reported him missing the next day when he failed to return home. Read More>>

Woodridge mayor's son gets 30-day term for solicitation of child - William F. Murphy, 33, a Schaumburg lawyer, was sentenced Monday to 30 days in the DuPage County Jail after pleading guilty to one count of indecent solicitation of a child, a Class 3 felony, according to DuPage County State’s Attorney Joseph Birkett. He traveled to Winfield in an attempt to have sex with a minor he met through an Internet chat room,
“William Murphy attempted to make a victim out of a minor he met through an Internet chat room. Through online conversations, he gained his victim’s trust and after doing so William Murphy made the drive from Schaumburg to Winfield to have sex with his victim. Read More>>

October, 2007

Man admits sex with girl - Quentin Noel Tarry, 32, stood up in court yesterday and admitted he knowingly had sex with a 13-year-old girl and took photographs and video of their sexual activities.
Tarry was 30 when he met the 13-year-old victim on an Internet dating service site for adults Read More>>

City Man Faces Internet Sex Raps - A city man faces child-sex charges for allegedly luring a Vancouver teen over the Internet. Staff. Sgt. Howard Kunce, an officer involved in the case, said "In this case, they weren't in person," he said, adding that while he couldn't give many details on the allegations, a person can commit the offence of invitation to sexual touching over the Internet without meeting the child.
He noted the case is just one more reminder to parents to monitor what their kids are doing online. "Parents have to question the need for a webcam in the household," he said.

Former cop found guilty of child sex internet charge - A jury has taken just seven minutes to find a former Northern Territory police officer guilty of using the internet to try to lure a child into sexual activity.
It had heard that Lloyd Alexander Gedling, 40, used an internet chat room to try to arrange a sexual encounter with a 14-year-old girl. Read More>>

September, 2007

Sex chats with kids continue amid stings - In spite of massive publicity on television and in newspapers and magazines about these kinds of stings, there is no shortage of people, usually men, who fall for them. Broughton and Detective Pat Colasuonno have arrested dozens of men from all walks of life and every corner of the country, including a military man, business owners, college students and retirees.

But the real key to fighting Internet predators is to eliminate the victims, investigators say. That involves persuading parents to stop using computers as baby sitters and begin establishing rules and limits for their use, Broughton said.

"There's other things in life, and it doesn't need to be behind a keyboard, staring at a screen for many hours of the day," Broughton said. "Go outside. Read a book. Ride a bike."

Parents need to monitor online activity and keep computers in public areas where they can lean over from time to time and see what is happening on the screen.

It means carefully screening a child's MySpace profile and making sure it can be accessed only by invitation. Some parents insist on having veto power over "friends" on their child's MySpace account and many use computer programs to block certain content on computers available to their children, investigators said.

Teen charged in sex chat with girl, 12 - An 18-year-old resident has been charged with engaging in sexually explicit conversations with a 12-year-old girl on the Internet. The 12-year-old girl also was a township resident, police said, and in one conversation, Trainor allegedly suggested the girl sneak out so they could meet.

August, 2007

Hudson Teacher Arrested - An 18-year veteran of one northeast Ohio's most prestigious high school academy's, is accused of trying to lure a 12-year-old girl on the internet.
'He approached a 12-year-old girl, what he believed to be a 12-year-old girl in May of this year. Within one chat, he started talking sexually with that 12-year-old girl. That carried on from May until August." said Assistant Cuyahoga Co. Prosecutor Jennifer Driscoll.
'This is a prime example of a guy that needed to be stopped." said Driscoll, "A guy who is a teacher, who's around kids all day and so we moved on it very quickly."

Mom catches teen daughter having sexual affair - This news story shows just how powerful a tool a computer monitoring program can be.
A mother in New Jersey caught an online predator in the act. She installed spyware on her computer and discovered her 14-year-old daughter was having a sexual relationship with a 42-year-old married man.
If you are a parent and you have children with access to the Internet, pay very close attention. Listen to one mother who discovered the unthinkable.
On the social network site NetLog.com, she says her 15-year old daughter chatted with a man with whom police claim not only met her in person, but had sex with her. Read More>>

"PrideFest" Organizer Charged for Soliciting 14-Year Old Boy over the Internet - A homosexual event organizer has been charged with felony for sexually soliciting a 14-year old boy over the Internet. 42-year old David Bodoh contacted the Oconomowoc boy through an Internet chat room, and sent sexually explicit emails as well as nude photos of himself. He arranged to meet the boy at Brookfield Square Mall on July 12, promising to give him "the ride of his life". Read More>>

July, 2007

Polygamist's son sent to jail for having sex with 13-year-old, pair met on Myspace - A judge sentenced the son of an imprisoned Utah polygamist to 180 days in jail Tuesday for having sex with a 13-year-old girl he met on the Internet site MySpace.

Man Accused Of Luring Mass. Teen To Charlotte Over The Internet - Authorities say an Internet relationship between a man and a 15-year-old girl ended at a home in Charlotte over the weekend.
Police say Kareem Kirk, 34, lured the girl to a small duplex on East Seventh Street – hundreds of miles from her home in Springfield, Mass. They say he told the child he is Muslim and wanted to make her his second wife. Read More>>

Lured for sex in a cemetery - Daniel William Peckham, 22, fronted Parramatta Bail Court yesterday charged with grooming minors for sex online and transmitting child pornography. The girl ,aged just 13, later told police that Peckham had contacted her via a gothic chat room, inviting her to join his Rookwood Gothic Society.
He told her via his MySpace forum that the only way to become a member was if she either had sex with him or sent him nude pictures of her. Read More>>

June, 2007

Pervert off to the slammer - Convicted of having sex with 13-year-old boy - A 39-year-old pervert with a “disregard for humanity” was sent to the penitentiary today for having sex with a 13-year-old boy he met on an Internet chat line.
According to agreed facts, Hansma first met the teen victim on the Edmonton-based Nexopia web site in August 2005 and, while he said he was 35 despite being 38 at the time, he knew throughout that the boy was 13. Their online conversations culminated in a meeting at Westmount Shopping Centre they rented a room, they watched TV, talked and drank booze and then had sex.

Teenagers lured into meeting virtual strangers - One in five teenagers has met someone face-to-face whom they first encountered on the internet, according to research into the risks taken by young people online.
The study found that teenagers also freely hand out personal information to strangers. Details divulged include full name (30 per cent), address (12 per cent), mobile number (20 per cent) and where they go to school (46 per cent), while 9 per cent had posted family photos.
The study found that parents are often ignorant about what their children are up to, with only a fraction aware that they are befriending strangers.

May, 2007

Pedophiles in Internet ‘playgrounds’ targeted - Thousands of registered sex offenders are using MySpace.com, possibly to prey on young people, according to Pennsylvania Attorney General Tom Corbett.
in a letter sent to the social networking Web site on Monday, Corbett and attorneys general in seven other states said they are "gravely concerned that sexual predators are using MySpace to lure children into face-to-face encounters and other dangerous activities."
"There is no doubt social networking Web sites have become the electronic equivalent of the playground," Corbett spokesman Nils Frederiksen said. Read More>>

Arrest in luring girl, 11, over Net - Man allegedly had sex with Porterville child after meeting online - Authorities believe a Los Angeles college student used the Internet to seduce an 11-year-old Porterville girl for sex after meeting her in an online chat room. Court records show Breceda met the 11-year-old girl in January in an online chat room that uses video cameras so users can see each other.
Aaron Breceda, 21, is charged with eight criminal counts of lewd and lascivious acts with a child under 14 and one count of seducing a child. He faces a June preliminary hearing.
Douglass said online sexual predators are becoming more common because of the popularity of social networking sites and Internet chat rooms. Parents can help to keep their children safe, she said.
"The biggest thing that [parents] can do is to monitor what their children are doing on the Internet and know what their children are doing with friends," she said.

April, 2007

Man arrested for soliciting underage girls for sex - A 43-year-old Granite Falls, Wash., man was in federal court Monday afternoon after his arrest Sunday when FBI agents alleged he tried to lure two young girls he met online into a sexual rendezvous.
Dolle used the yahoo.com screen name “gcletus73” in an Internet chat room when he began corresponding with a 14-year-old girl and her 14-year-old friend.
During the recent chat room exchange, gcletus73 tried to arrange for sex with two 14-year-old girls. He traveled to the Portland area Sunday for the rendezvous Read More>>

Man convicted of attempted child molestation - In an internet chat room, she said she was a 12-year-old girl whose mother had died, who was a virgin and who liked chocolate.
And she attached a photo of a very young looking girl in a “Hello Kitty” tee shirt.
He answered that he was a 19-year-old Placentia man who thought she was too young for him. But then he pressed her for sex.
Within 90 minutes of the first contact in an online chat room, Deep Aurora, an unemployed college student, was on his way to Laguna Beach for what he thought was a rendezvous with a pre-teen girl so that he could be the first man to have sex with her. Read More>>

DC Police Bust Cross-Country Internet Predator - Parents nationwide can sleep easier after DC Police make a big bust.
63-year-old Aubrey Lynn Shephard from Benton, Arkansas was arrested after driving all the way to DC expecting to have sex with two preteen girls.
Police say Shepherd posted a message in an internet chat room looking for "any parent out there willing to share their kid with a horny old man." Read More>>

Cop poses as girl online to nab alleged icky man - Parents, watch what your children are doing and whom they're in contact with online.
That's the message Barrett Township police want to get out after nabbing a Pennsburg man on charges of sexually soliciting a 14-year-old Tobyhanna girl online.
That girl turned out to be Officer Ryan Venneman using a fake MySpace Internet account Read More>>

March, 2007

International Academy teacher charged with Internet sex crime - Krisniski, 47, was charged with four counts of using a computer to communicate with another to commit a crime/felony and one count of third-degree criminal sexual conduct. Krisniski was arrested by officers of the Macomb Area Enforcement Team on March 9 when he was caught allegedly attempting to meet what he thought was a 14-year-old boy Read More>>

High School Teacher Charged With Using Internet to Entice Minor - A Peoria, Ill. woman
has been charged with using the Internet to entice a minor to engage in sexual activity. Church allegedly attempted to solicit a minor for sexual activity on MySpace.com. Read More>>

January, 2007

Sex raps for T.O. man - A 24-year-old Toronto man was arrested in Ottawa early yesterday and charged with a string of sex offences after allegedly carrying on a three-month Internet relationship with a 13-year-old girl and meeting her in Ottawa.
"He came to Ottawa to meet her and they met up at a location. As a result, some activities (occurred)," Det. Rohan King of the Ottawa police's sexual assault and child abuse unit said of the accused man.

Winston man's arrest linked to Internet chat - A Winston man has been arrested in connection to sex-related crimes involving a 15-year-old male he met on an Internet chat site, according to the Oregon State Police. Richard Steele, 38, is accused of third-degree sexual abuse and compelling prostitution and was arrested about a month ago Read More>>

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