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Internet Safety

Internet Predator Chat Nightmares of 2005

December, 2005

Sex Offender Charged With Raping Girl, 13 - Police said that an investigation revealed that girl had met the suspect in a chat room sometime last month, and that their conversations continued for several weeks until a meeting was arranged. Read More>>

Many think chat rooms are harmless, but for one young teenager, her on-line messaging led to a dangerous encounter. A convicted sex offender goes online and meets a young, local girl. Now the man in his 30's is facing charges of rape. The rendezvous happened in New Bedford . But they "met" in cyberspace where police say the convicted sex offender was able to lure the teen away from her home.

November, 2005

Too many parents haven't a clue what their kids are doing as they use the Internet, experts warn, and that means they're being exposed to dangers ranging from sexual predators to cyberbullying - "Your child is probably safer at a bar than on the Internet," Read More>>

October, 2005

Man, 29, admits to luring girl, 13, for sex - A 29-year-old California man admitted Tuesday he persuaded a 13-year-old Zachary girl to lie to her parents, run away with him and have illegal sex "because their age difference should not matter."

Father of three charged with raping minor - A man was charged with raping a 15-year-old girl on Tuesday and has used Internet chat groups to contact dozens of young girls.

ABUSER GROOMED BOY OVER INTERNET - A SEX beast who groomed a 14-year-old boy over the internet then abused him on "countless occasions" admitted having unsafe sex with the vulnerable youngster Read More>

September, 2005

Teen Murdered; Father Blames Chat Line - A South Side teenaged boy’s body was found Aug. 18 in Diversey Harbor—and the father believes that a chat line was ultimately to blame Read More>>

Parents, your kids' safety in using Internet is up to you - You wouldn’t drop off your children alone on a street corner in a big city. You wouldn’t let your teenage son or daughter go to a party with adults you’ve never met and know nothing about. And you wouldn’t leave your home with the front door propped wide open. But similar dangers await our children on the Internet. Read More>>

August, 2005

A Slidell Police officer was fired and then arrested today by the Louisiana Attorney General's Office for allegedly making an online solicitation for sex from a person he thought was a 13-year-old girl. Read More>>

Ohio man arrested in molestation case - The Internet is a dangerous place and one 14-year-old Hart County girl found out the hard way. Read More>>

Predators lurking inside your home? - If you're in your room feeling happy that your children are home and safe, think again. You're probably not aware that a sexual predator might be luring them at this very moment on Internet with something seemingly innocent, like Disney cartoons. Read More>>

Chatroom predator jailed for underage sex crimes - A CITY sports shop assistant has been jailed for seducing a 14-year-old girl he met on the internet. Read More>>

Police Say N.H. Man Sexually Assaulted Teen - Police say a teenager from Vermont was sexually assaulted by a man he met in an Internet chat room. Read More>>

Online predators: Where are parents? - The stories are lurid enough to make us cringe, and frequent enough to creep us out. But despite the fact that men consistently are arrested trying to arrange sexual encounters with teenage girls over the Internet, no one seems willing to discuss why this particularly repulsive crime keeps happening. Read More>>

INTERNET CHAT GIRL MISSING - FEARS were growing last night for the safety of a schoolgirl who left home to meet a man she had fallen for on the internet. Read More>>

July, 2005

A Pennsylvania man is accused of using the Internet to lure a Missouri teenager into having sex with him, KMBC's Peggy Breit reported Friday. Prosecutors said a 36-year-old man spent 18 months seducing a 14-year-old girl from Nodaway. Read More>>

POLICE are concerned for the safety of children using internet chat rooms after Murray Bridge CIB last week charged a man for allegedly procuring a child to commit an indecent act.
It is alleged the man contacted a 15-year-old girl through an internet chat room, and lured the child to his home. The 48-year-old man was arrested on July 11.

Man accused of sexual contact with boy from chat room - A Sheffield Township man who has been classified as a sexual predator is facing charges of having sexual contact with a 15-year-old boy he met in an Internet chat room.

2 men held on Internet sex charges - Two men were arraigned yesterday in Murrysville on charges they propositioned young girls for sex in Internet chat rooms, not knowing the "girls" were undercover police officers. Read More>>

June, 2005

Man Accused of Enticing Children Over the Internet - For today's youth, the internet is a gold mine of information and entertainment. Especially internet chat rooms. But it's these same chat rooms where child predators have an open window to entice kids.

Harris County Sheriff's officials said a 14-year-old girl was sexually assaulted during a face-to-face meeting with a man she met in an Internet chat room. In a twist of fate, the girl's parents posed as the victim and arranged a second meeting, which led to the suspect's arrest and confession.

A local teenager left her home in Thurston County for school, and never came back. Jerry Pease, of Rochester, did manage to track the web sites his daughter visited just before she disappeared, and what he found scares him. Read More>>

May, 2005

Beware the stranger in your house - Det Sgt Darryl Preston, who led the investigation into Oliver Jordan, said: "The main piece of advice I would give to parents goes back to what we were told when we were young about stranger danger - only now the stranger is in your living room.

Police yesterday arrested a 71-year-old man they say used an Internet chat room to meet a 15-year-old Kentucky girl, lure her to his home and then have sex with her. Read More>>

April, 2005

Men Caught Trying To Meet 13-Year-Old Girls For Sex - Online Predators Meet Girls In Internet Chat Rooms Read More>>

Children & Chat Rooms Don't Mix - Parents attending a presentation at Brandon Valley High School were shocked and surprised by a live demonstration of just how dangerous the internet can be for their children.

March, 2005

Omaha prosecutors said they are charging a man after he used instant messaging and an Internet chat room to meet young boys. Read More>>

Many parents know the importance of educating their children about stranger danger. “I don't think parents realize the dangers out there that children come in contact with on Internet,” said Kajzer. Danger is just a click away. A sexual predator can go anywhere in cyberspace to find your children. Find out what your teenager does on the computer.

A Youngstown State University student, formerly from Crescent, has been indicted in federal court on a charge of inducing a 14-year-old Beaver County boy into having sex. He used the Internet to arrange sexual encounters twice last year with the boy, who is now 15 Read More>>

February, 2005

Man Charged With Having Sex With Girl He Met Online - Authorities said the 14-year-old girl took a cab from Gilmanton to Nashua to meet with him. The two allegedly rendezvoused at a Motel 6 a few hours after meeting online.

January, 2005

Ottawa County man indicted in sex case involving boy, 13. The boy told authorities he met Mr. Hackett in November through an Internet chat room. Read More>>

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