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Internet Safety

5 Steps to Take If Spam is Already Overflowing Your Inbox

1. Open a new email account, giving your new address only to your trusted inner circle, which would include merchants you shop from frequently and online publications to which you subscribe.

2. Read the privacy policies of the sites to make sure they don't plan to share this address.

3. When you contact your friends and associates to tell them about your new email address, ask them to treat your email address as an "unlisted number" and not include it in the "TO" or "CC" field of any message that they're sending to a list of people. You should request "BCC" only.

4. Don't start your new email account on one of the major email services. Yahoo, Hotmail and AOL accounts begin receiving spam almost from the moment a new account is opened. You will be much better off by getting your own Domain Name so you can have multiple email addresses.

5. Pick an variety of letters and numbers for your email address such as j2ohn, so that anyone sending spam to everyone at that email service by trying to guess email addresses (john@, john1@, john2@, etc.) will never guess yours.

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