Internet Safety Rules Contract

  1. I will not give anyone or any website on the Internet my name, address, telephone number, password, my parents' names, the name of any club or team I'm involved in, or the name of my school without my parents' permission. I will keep this rule when I am online, including chat rooms, instant messages, email, websites, entering contests, and registering for online clubs.
  2. I understand that my parents may supervise my time online and may use a filtering service. This is to protect me.
  3. I will never fill out questionnaires or any forms online without my parentsí permission.
  4. I will never tell anyone online where I will be or what I will be doing without my parentsí permission.
  5. I will be very careful in a chat room without my parent's direct supervision. I will remember that some people I meet in chat rooms may not really be kids. Sometimes dangerous adults pretend to be kids in chat rooms.
  6. I will not meet in person anyone that I've met online unless my parent has agreed and will go with me to meet with them in a public place.
  7. I will only use instant messaging with people on my buddy list that my parents have approved.
  8. I will treat others online as I would have them treat me. I will never send out mean or threatening messages nor will I respond to any such messages that are sent to me.
  9. I will not open or accept e-mails, enclosures, links, URL's or other information from people I do not know.
  10. I will report to my parents any email, chat room conversations, instant messages or websites that make me feel uncomfortable like X-rated e-mail, images or files. It is not my fault if I see something bad accidentally. If I do see something inappropriate, I will log off or turn off my computer. I will then tell my parents what happened as soon as possible.
  11. I will never buy or order products online or give out any credit card information online without my parentsí permission.
  12. I understand that private family matters should not be discussed online. Instead, I should talk about them with a trusted adult.
  13. I understand that Internet use is a privilege, not a right. I will follow my Internet Safety Contract whether I am at home or away from home. By signing below, I agree to all of the Safety Rules,